Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Read

It is so important to be encouraging your child to read. I was recently reading an article in a newspaper which stated that today’s children are reading less frequently than any other generation. You can read the full article in The Guardian. As someone who loved reading as a child and could always be found immersed in books such as The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Malory Towers, The Hardy Boys and many more, this saddened me to read.

Thankfully my girls seem to have inherited my love for books, and the eldest in particular can often be found in her room reading. They are both also content to receive books as gifts, which shows their love for books.

Reading is such an important and vital skill, and here are some tips to help encourage your child to read.

Introduce Books from a Young Age

It doesn’t matter if they can’t read themselves yet. Still surround them with books (doesn’t matter if they chew a couple!) If they love bath time then you can even get waterproof bath books that they can play with in the bath.

Bedtime Stories

Again, bedtime stories from a young age should have a positive impact on your child. Read the stories together, look at pictures and discuss them, and make the book come alive with your reading of it! Make it a fun part of the bedtime routine and they should look forward to reading with you.

Have a Reading Area

If you have space, then create their own reading area. I was able to create a reading area for my eldest in the cupboard under the stairs. Books were placed in there with a bean bag and it felt like her own little hideaway surrounded by her favourite books. Having their own little area will make it feel special and should encourage them to use it to read.

Do Some Crafts Related to Books

It doesn’t just have to be about reading the book. Add a bit more fun to it and think of a craft you can do together. For example if the book is about a caterpillar, make a caterpillar either by drawing one or using items around the house. This leads to some quality time together while also encouraging the child to read the book to give ideas of what craft to do.

Take them to the Library

Some libraries hold story time sessions for the younger children and often have events in the school holidays. Take your children to these and also take them to the library to choose books themselves to read. Having their own library card can give them a sense of independence and importance, especially when they hand over the card themselves and check out the books.

Read yourself and Set an Example

Nothing says more than by leading by example. Set a time to read and encourage the children to read then too and make it part of your family time. Generally younger children want to copy what the adults are doing and will be curious as to what you are doing and are likely to join in too. Seeing you read will be encouraging your child to read too.

Get Other Reading Materials Such as Magazines

Books aren’t the be all and end all. There is other reading material available. Magazines are often popular, especially if it is a topic they are interested in. From the magazines about their favourite children’s shows, there are also a number of educational magazines available such as National Geographic for kids and if you are looking for Islamic Mazagines then myDeen is ideal.

Do you have any tips? Please do share them and lets get our children enjoying reading again!


This blog post was written in collaboration with other bloggers as part of a blog hop for World Book Day. Why not pop over to give them a read?

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