Week 13 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 82 – 22nd March

Not much happening today. Let the girls chill before we started ‘home schooling’ from tomorrow. Girls most of the day watching TV and playing on the Wii. While I cleaned out the conservatory ready for Bee to use the table to do her school work.

Monday Day 83 – 23rd March

First day of staying at home started well. The girls did PE with Joe and then the eldest did her schoolwork in her room. Her school her pretty good at setting work. I printed out some maths sheets from Twinkl for Bee and also did some Islamic Studies. In the afternoon she did a karate session as they are now holding classes online. So all in all a good day. However at the end of the day Bee decided it would be a good idea to jump off the sofa. Her foot twisted badly and she was in a lot of pain. Her dad said it was likely to be a sprain and bandaged it up a bit. In normal circumstances I probably would have taken her to A&E but decided to see if the pain eased over the next few days before venturing out to the hospital. This is because the government have also now put in a lot of restrictions about people going out….I hope people listen.

Tuesday Day 84 – 24th March

Spent a lot of the day on the jigsaw. Bee couldn’t do much as she was still in pain. Everyone kept saying its a sprain and they can take days/weeks to get better…..but having seen how her foot had twisted my gut was telling me that something was wrong. However I decided to give it one more night.

Wednesday Day 85 – 25th March

Bee woke up and still couldn’t put her foot down without being in agony. Even though everyone was saying it will only be a sprain I tried to phone the doctor. I couldn’t get past the receptionist, who said the surgery is closed and no face to face appointments. I really didn’t like her attitude. Friends on Facebook suggested I try 111. I phoned them but was on hold for ages. In the end I phoned the walk in centre direct and they were very helpful. After checking that no-one in the family had a temperature or cough they said to bring her in and press the buzzer. We had to wait outside until the nurse was ready but thankfully it was only a 10 minute weight. She immediately ordered an x-ray after seeing how much pain she was in. After another wait outside after the x-ray, she took us in to tell us it is a small fracture. She put a boot on her and said she would refer us to the fracture clinic…however she didn’t know how long it would be until we receive an appointment as she wasn’t even sure the clinic was still open due to the virus. But as the fracture is so small it is unlikely she needs a cast. I felt so bad for not taking her sooner and letting her suffer for over a day.

I also managed to finish my jigsaw today!

Thursday Day 86 – 26th March

Bee is a bit upset that she can’t do her karate sessions online – they are doing them daily. Today she spent most of the day on the sofa watching TV with her foot elevated. The pain has eased and she didn’t need any painkillers today but she asked for some before bed as she said it was hurting when I took her boot off for bed. We just chilled and also played Splash! which we were sent to review.

Friday Day 87 – 27th March

Bee got some post from her school today. They have sent log in details for Purple Mash. An educational app in which she can keep in touch with the school also – they can set work and she can submit it. I was grateful for that as I was wondering what to do with her everyday. She immediately had to go on the app! Bee was much chirpier today and no pain killers needed.

Saturday Day 88 – 28th March

Got a phonecall in the morning from the bank as I had submitted a mortgage payment holiday form earlier in the week. They agreed to the break which helped take away some stress. We now don’t have to worry about mortgage payments until July. Hopefully things will have calmed down by then and hubby is back at work.

Got the girls to play monopoly today. Eldest compared it to torture!

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  • My fella got our old Wii out today and is going to wire it up for the kids to play. At least with a lot of the games they’re moving about.
    Aww! Poor Bee and her ankle. I hope she isn’t too sore now.
    That Splash looks like a great game!
    My youngest girls old school used to Purple Mash and she loved it.
    I am glad you have got a break from your mortgage. It must take away some of the stress.
    I have to agree with your eldest! Monopoly is torture. It’s the one thing I refuse to play with my family, it always ends in an argument x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 13 of #Project366 – A photo every day for a year!My Profile

  • Ooh, we love monopoly, but don’t play it much. Poor Bee – it’s always hard knowing whether something’s actually bad or not, and more so now because you don’t want to go out unnecessarily. Good news on the mortgage front. N has a purple mash log in but refuses to use it. They’re meant to do 30 mins a day on either english or maths on it, but he says they’ve not used it since reception because it’s really basic. But then others are using it, so I don’t know if his just hasn’t been set at the right age, because going into it, it did look really basic. We need to find the right games on it to be at y4 level.

  • Poor Bee! Glad she was seen so quickly and that she is feeling better now. In my experience of both my own kids and my accident-prone niece, kids recover from these small fractures very quickly. It sounds like she is keeping busy with school work and what a relief to have the mortgage holiday! We are thinking of applying for one too as my work has just vanished.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 29.3.20My Profile

  • Poor Bee, I hope the pain has eased. That doesn’t sound good. I think we have all been getting into a routine of doing online work. Jigsaws are a great way to get through the boredom xx

  • you will be glad you took her. glad her pain has reduced. Saw a few patients with these boots on at the weekend, seems they are to save using plaster which requires you to come back and get the plaster off, one less visit one less chance to catch anything. our hospital has no clinics of any sort running, all staff been diverted to more hands on patient care.
    Glad she has found something to amuse her that is also educational.
    Not sure we will be lifted by July but O hope so for the self employed and small businesses
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Helping to spread a bit of cheer or 30 minutes of your life you will never get back.My Profile

    • The fracture apparently is so small it doesn’t need a plaster….but then if what you are saying is right then that may be why they just gave her a boot. Just hope it heals correctly

  • Oh no poor bee I hope she is well and truly on the mend now and that it will fix itself without the need to go to hospital. Good news that the bank has agreed to the payment holiday I hope that helps with the stress levels. We have also been playing monopoly its one of Monkey’s favourite games but I am with your eldest!
    Mudpie FrIdays recently posted…Living Arrows 13/52 {2020}My Profile

  • Poor Bee! I can understand you not wanting to seek medical help unless absolutely necessary -don’t blame yourself. Glad you have the mortgage holiday agreed to reduce financial worry.
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Week 13 of 2020My Profile

  • Nice workout! I was worried that Bee wouldn’t have karate classes but good to know that’s been arranged. Aww poor Bee. That ankle support looks cool. It’s alright, its good to wait for a while and not put yourselves at risk if you don’t need to. The only Monopoly I had were two games and those were for kids so there were no more than $5 banknotes
    Andale Seaworne recently posted…BUBBLE 47 – WHAT WOULD A HISTORIAN SAY ABOUT YOUMy Profile