Review: Splash! – a fast paced, nail biting dexterity game

Disclosure: We received Splash! for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

If you are looking for a fun game for the family to play, then look no further!

Splash! is a ‘fast paced, nail biting dexterity game.’ Quick, fun and surprisingly competitive once you start playing it!

Whats in the Box?


30 Wooden Pieces

Water Drop Tokens

How to Play

The game is recommended for ages 6+ and is for 2-6 players. The wooden pieces need to be distributed evenly between all players. The players each pick a piece in turn until there are none left and it is recommended they pick different colours and sizes. If there are 4 players then there will be an excess of 2 wooden pieces which simply need to be returned to the box.

Now the fun begins.

The first player gives one of their pieces to the player on the left to start the tower and make the base. Then this player in turn gives one of their pieces to the player on their left to place on the start of the tower. The game continues like this and the tower will get bigger.

There aren’t many rules but the ones there are are important:

  • Each piece must be placed on top of the highest uncovered piece in the tower.
  • The piece that is placed must be the same colour or shape as the previous wooden piece!

How to Win

The aim of game is to continue building the tower until it falls down – SPLASH! If the tower falls down, then the player who forced their neighbour to place a piece which toppled the tower gets a water drop token. The game then continues from the part of the tower that is still standing.

To win, you must either:

  • Collect 3 water drop tokens
  • Successfully place the last piece from your pile of wooden pieces.

What did we think?

The game is simple but so much fun. The whole family can get involved and you can easily end up playing it a number of times. Both old and young are likely to enjoy playing it. At the moment it is the perfect game to play with a child who has a fractured foot! It is definitely keeping her amused!

The game helps with focus. Bee has been playing it and has been extremely careful about how and where she places her pieces…the concentration is immense. It is also teaching her to be gentle and place the pieces carefully to avoid the tower toppling over. It also teaches her to think what piece would be best to force her opponents to topple over the tower and earn her a water drop token!

What I personally loved is that the compact tin makes it easy to store and doesn’t take up much space.

You can find out more about the game from CoiledSpring Games. Splash! is available from all good toy stores and Amazon (affiliate link).

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