Week 12 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 75 – 15th March

Swimming in the morning and then chilling in the afternoon watching a bit of TV.

Monday Day 76 – 16th March

Did my weekly IGTV on an Islamic book for kids and later in the week managed to write a review on it too: Under the Ramadan Moon. Didn’t do much else!

Tuesday Day 77 – 17th March

Debated whether to cut the grass and went for it as rain was forecast for later in the week! Rosie is venturing out too now the sun is making an appearance.

Wednesday Day 78 – 18th March

Had to take an unexpected trip to Leicester. Dad was saying he was going to go with my brother but had to be blunt with him saying that if he catches the virus and they are overwhelmed then he will be at the bottom of their list of people they are trying to save and will likely get no help. That was enough to make him sit down and hopefully he will take the self isolation seriously now.

Didn’t really take a picture of much else except for Rosie, although I think I might be cheating as think this was taken tomorrow.

Thursday Day 79 – 19th March

Went to karate today knowing it was likely to be her last lessons before the karate place shuts down. Although it is belt testing at the weekend. As the belt testing is changing to 1-2-1’s rather than in groups it was suggested that she does her belt testing today..agreed to that as it would save us returning at the weekend when I really don’t want to. Bee is now a blue belt.

Friday Day 80 – 20th March

Final day of school. A lot of children were crying and you could see some of the staff trying to hold back tears. Bee had tears in her eyes and then it was full blown crying. Made me feel quite emotional too! She really wasn’t happy in the evening and then she didn’t sleep well either.

Saturday Day 81 – 21st March

First day of staying at home. Felt extremely weird as we are never at home on a Saturday except for the evening. Worked out our finances in the morning and provided we can get a mortgage break we should just about survive financially if hubby doesn’t work. I don’t want him to as he has health issues too and under guidelines he should also be self quarantining. Thankfully I have some savings which will help if he doesn’t go to work.

Am allowing the girls to chill this weekend and then during the weekdays there will be some kind of routine with schoolwork too. Bee has been a bit miserable not being able to get out and go to karate..but dug out the Wii Balance Board from the back of the cupboard and put the wii on for her..that soon cheered her up.

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