Week 17 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 110
 – 19th April

A bit of family time today playing on the carrom board…not much else happening.

Monday Day 111
 – 20th April

I subscribed to Twinkl using their free code but never did actually print anything…it ends up a lot of printing and a lot of paper. But I caved in today and did end up printing some things for Bee to do. As I don’t want her constantly staring at the screen now we are back to homeschooling.

Tuesday Day 112
 – 21st April

A gifted book arrived today which was written in collaboration with Save the Children about children in Rohingya camps. Will do a blog post about it at some poin,t but in the meantime if you want to learn more I did a quick IGTV video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_SwMnIDR8o/

Also baked some cookies. Didn’t have brown sugar so couldn’t make the recipe I wanted but they turned out ok….tasted a bit like shortbread though.

Also started putting some Ramadan decorations up. Not really feeling it but when I said I couldn’t be bothered Bee got upset…so put up some balloons.

Wednesday Day 113
 – 22nd April

We were sent a gifted Ramadan Calendar today which is stunning! However that meant I had to quickly think of things to put in it and had to order some bits. Also put up a few more decorations. Keeping it simple though as prefer to put lots up at Eid. There was also a bit of drama on the street as the house just opposite caught fire. Started from a fence outide and quickly latched onto the lower kitchen roof and then the higher roof. 2 houses were affected and felt sorry for them as one was a young couple with a child.

Also took off Bee’s fracture boot today. It has been 4 weeks. I decided to wash it as it was a bit smelly and she said that it wasn’t hurting and could walk on it easily. They had said initially 4-5 weeks so as it has been 4 weeks I took it off and told her to still take it easy for another couple of weeks though. If it does start hurting we can put it back on.

Thursday Day 114
 – 23rd April

Feeling a bit fed up today. My laptop charger is playing up and charges when it feels like it. Ordered a new one which won’t arrive until Monday…managed to charge it up full and get all the ramadan posts sorted for the Muslimah Bloggers blog. We do 30 ramadan posts by 30 different bloggers…was panicking incase the charger completely died. Spent pretty much all day on the laptop so the only pic is of Rosie….who is getting annoyed as her sleep keeps getting disturbed. The conservatory used to be her territory and we have taken it over

Friday Day 115
 – 24th April

Although some are starting Ramadan today our mosque is starting tomorrow as they say the moon was not sighted. There is always a disagreement each year and the city is divided yet again. Made the most of it and decided to do a picture for some gifted Eid items I was sent. Started catching up with blog comments and all of a sudden my headache got worse (had it since the morning) and I started feeling really cold. Even the duvet wasn’t warming me up. Hubby made me a cup of tea and that helped warm me up a bit….. and after some food in the evening (skipped lunch as couldn’t face it) and paracetomol I got a temp enough to soak my pyjamas with sweat. Am hoping it is just a summer cold as have no sore throat or cough.

Saturday Day 116
 – 25th April

1st day of Ramadan. Thankfully whatever I had yesterday seems to have gone as I was able to get up and fast. Bee had been insisting we wake her up even though it would be 3.30am. I was reluctant but her dad agreed to wake her. Surprisingly she was very chirpy for that time of morning and very excited to take part. I said she could do half a day but she was adamant she wanted to do the full one even though it would be 16 hours. Writing this at almost 6pm she is still going although I have said to her numerous times during the day that she is a child and she doesn’t need to fast. Just over 2 hours left. I do remember as a child my mum saying I didn’t need to keep it but still insisting…she clearly takes after me.

She has been busy all day doing some activities in her Ramadan Activity Books, reading the Quran and memorising some short sections of the Quran. She has way more energy than me! But I won’t be letting her fast every day even if she wants to…just a few now and then.

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