Week 16 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 103 – 12th April

Today was jigsaw making day. Got quite a bit done. Not much else done….but frankly can’t remember what else we did…the days seem to be merging into one.

Monday Day 104 – 13th April

Another normal another day of not doing much. Left the jigsaw alone today as spent quite some time on it yesterday and just chilled with a bit of TV and cooking. Chased up my charity dates for ramadan I had ordered over 2 weeks ago and the volunteers arrived ASAP to deliver them as it seems I was missed out.

Tuesday Day 105 – 14th April

Spent today on the jigsaw again and finished it off. Wanted to get it done before Ramadan starts next week. Looks pretty good and don’t want to break it up…but don’t really have the space anywhere to keep it. Feeling a bit ‘meh’ today but it seems like you can’t complain without the judgey people coming out in force. You shouldn’t complain because you have a roof over your head, you shouldn’t complain because you have a garden….blah blah blah. Sometimes people just need to have a vent to feel better…doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful for what we have.

Wednesday Day 106 – 15th April

Yesterday hubby went to collect some flour and other bits that I had ordered from the local bakery. Seems to be one of the few places you can get flour. Got some yeast too and decided to make some bread rolls. Was quite pleased with them.

Thursday Day 107 – 16th April

Got annoyed with the kids being inside and being on the screens again so made them go out in the garden in late afternoon when the sun wasn’t as intense. Got them using chalk on the walls to keep them entertained for a bit…and then played some garden games.

Primary school allocation day today as well. Bee is in Year 2 and will be going to Year 3. As her current school only goes to Year 2 we had to apply for a place in Year 3. The majority of the pupils are going to the junior school next door. I wasn’t keen on it when my eldest was there and I decided to apply to a junior school which is on the grounds of the eldest’s school. I didn’t think I would get a place as they are a feeder school for another school but we managed to get a place! It will be strange as she will have to make new friends…and I will have to make some new mum friends… but it will make life easier for me as I won’t be rushing from one school car park to another.

Friday Day 108 – 17th April

Our 15th wedding anniversary today. We never really celebrated in a big way anyway but usually went out for a meal at some point….but couldn’t even do that! I decided to bake a cake with Bee and hubby made some chicken. I might have ordered some cupcakes if we weren’t in lockdown but even though there are some bakers still running I am wary about ordering at the moment.

Also popped to Bee’s school..they are giving gifts to all the kids. Was Year 2 today…..it was good to see the headteacher and a couple of members of staff. They stood on the other side of the fence and when I was there there was only 1 other parent. It put a smile on Bee’s face. They gave some small activity books, bubbles and a book for them to do their school work in.

Saturday Day 109 – 18th April

Woke up to rain and decided to try a chicken bread recipe I had come across. A friend had made it and showed in on instagram and it looked good and relatively simply to make. I am a bit rubbish at the whole plaiting thing but it did taste good!

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