Week 15 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 96 – 5th April

Some time spent in the garden today. Cut the grass and a general tidy up! Bee was out playing with her bubbles. Bee also did her nails with a new gifted Nail Stamper set….she loves things like that. Will write up the review at some point in the week.

Monday Day 97 – 6th April

The Quran tutor finally restarted the lessons online. I hadn’t heard anything but apparently they were taking two weeks off. I didn’t know that and had cancelled any future payments going out of my account when I didn’t hear anything. Had to set them up again. Was good to get a bit of routine started again for the girls. I finished off my 500 piece jigsaw.

Tuesday Day 98 – 7th April

Not a lot happening today. Trying to get the girls to go out in the garden more as if I let them they will just watch TV or be on the phone/tablets all day. Started to think about Ramadan as it is only 16 days away.

Wednesday Day 99 – 8th April

Got out the 1000 piece jigsaw and started on that with Bee. She is very helpful initially finding all the edge pieces, then the left is usually left for me.

Thursday Day 100 – 9th April

Got the girls to do a bit of baking today. Found some flour at the back of the cupboard…thought we didn’t have any but had half a packet of plain flour and today found an almost full packet of self raising flour.

Hubby spotted the neighbour out the back when he went to check on the bins…she was busy painting her fence. I had been saying to hubby to check in on her as she’s old and alone. I had a falling out with her but she still speaks to hubby. But I had noticed one of the charities was making deliveries of essentials to her so I didn’t push it. When hubby asked her if she needed anything she asked for some ice cream. He told her to make a list and just drop it off if she ever needs anything. Her list then included snicker bars and bread too, which he got for her on his daily walk.

Friday Day 101 – 10th April

Hubby decided that the afternoon was a good time to organise the shed. It was hot and it was not as though we could go to the recycling centre to throw things away. But he organised everything and the rubbish got dumped behind the shed ready to be taken to the tip when it reopens. Found an inflatable which turned out to be a small sports gym….but after an hour or so it deflated. Don’t have the patience to try to figure out where the hole(s) are so that will be off to the tip too. Did some blogging work and got a blog post live about the Go Glam Nail Stamper as part of a round up post of Spin Master products to keep the kids entertained.

Saturday Day 102 – 11th April

I must admit I am getting a bit annoyed with the eldest constantly being on her phone and Bee on electronics. I do think that it is affecting their attitudes and behaviour. So today I put my foot down and said not electronics first thing. Got them out in the garden. We are lucky to have a garden when other children are in desperate need of one and stuck in flats. Put up Bee’s tent and told the eldest to find something else to do and then got her helping with lunch and the curry for the evening. I am putting my foot down now when it comes to her phone as she is getting addicted to it.

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