Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained with Spin Master

Disclosure: We received a Nail Stamper for the purposes of review. All other items mentioned in this post were previously gifted by Spin Master. This post includes affiliate links.

When you spend a lot of time at home it can be hard to keep the children occupied and entertained. That’s where Spin Master can help to keep them busy! From being able to pamper yourself to making things, there is plenty of choice!

Cool Maker Nail Stamper 

MSRP: £24.99

Ages: 8+

Bee loves anything to do with nails and this was perfect to keep her entertained and in the process pamper herself.

You can decorate up to 125 nails in any size with five different nail patterns to choose from, including her current favourite unicorns!

The nail stamper is so easy to use. Simply paint your nails with the GO GLAM nail polish included, wait 5 minutes for them to dry, and then stamp them with your chosen pattern! You can even mix and match. Finally, paint on the top coat and you are done!

And if you run out then refill packs are available from £4.99.

Online stockists include Argos, Smyths Toys Superstores, The Entertainer and Amazon UK.

If you’re children aren’t into pampering themselves then there is sure to be something else that will help keep them entertained!


I used to love anything that was collectible as a child and the girls also love to add to add any collections they have.

One of their favourites has to be Hatchimals!

The girls were first introduced to Hatchimals with a Hatchimal Egg. This is a Hatchimal in a big egg which you have to take the time to hatch before you can play with it. You can read our detailed review: Hatchimals Glittering Glittering Garden.

Hatchimal hatching

However you can start a collection with the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. Hatchimal CollEGGtibles are collectible Hatchimals which come inside small speckled eggs. You hatch the eggs by holding them in your palm, rub the heart and when it changes colours its ready to hatch! You simply push the heart to start revealing whats inside! You can read our review on the Season 5 Hatchimals: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles: Season 5 Mermal Magic.

Another fun addition to the Hatchimals Range are the Pixies. As with other Hatchimals eggs you have to hold the egg and warm it until the purple heart turns pink…and then your pixie is ready to hatch! The Pixies have poseable heads and also their wings can ‘flutter’. The wings are made of a gel like material which makes them move with every movement.

You can read our review: Hatchimals Pixies.

Not just collectibles, but some are actually wearable! These come in the form of Twisty Petz. Twisty Petz are basically pets that you twist and wear either as a bracelet or a necklace if you have enough. To learn more, read our review: Twisty Petz.

Twisty Petz bracelets

Electronic and Interactive Toys

Children tend to always be fascinated by electronic and interactive toys. Play can be more fun and a lot more imaginative when a toy is interactive and thats why our favourites are the interactive toys.

If your child loves horses then they are sure to love the Zoomer Show Pony. The pony is interactive and you can feed, groom, and train it to perform different tricks. For more details read our review: Zoomer Show Pony.

Zoomer Show Pony

Alternatively if your children love Bunnies, then the Hungry Bunnies are sure to keep them entertained. The bunnies need feeding and lots of love! They actually ‘eat’ the paper carrots you give them. You can learn more by reading our review: Zoomer Hungry Bunnies.

You can also get cute Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups. The pups come with their own collectors card with their names and a bit of information about them. They are interactive and respond to your touch; pressing their nose and petting their head. You can read more at: Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups.

Posy zoomer tiny pup

If your children prefer more doll like toys, then Brightlings are ideal. Brightlings are a 15inch plush and they can record and repeat what you say and also play music. They say over 100 things. Find out more: Brightlings.


Making Things

There are plenty of products that will encourage your child to make things and often they require your child to use your imagination and/or use their own style.

For example one product that will help your child make things is the Cool Maker KumiKreator. Friendship bracelets have never really gone out of fashion and this nifty device helps make them relatively easily! Find out how to make them by reading our review: Cool Maker KumiKreator.

Getting ready to make bracelets with Kumi Kreator

Meccano is another product that encourages your child to make things. A lot of these require skill and patience and will keep your child engrossed for a short while. What we personally loved about Meccano is that their products also support the Stem curriculum. You can read our review about the Meccano Huracan Spyder to learn more.

Meccano completed Spyder

If your children love sand then another product that will keep the children entertained is Kinetic Sand. Kinetic Sand is basically mouldable sand which holds it’s shape. It’s made out of 98% sand  and 2% polydimethylsiloxane (a type of silicone oil) that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. It will keep them busy making things! You can find out more with our review of the Kinetic Sand Build: Bakery Boutique.

Cakes with bakery boutique

Children can also get creative with Bunchems. Bunchems are colourful balls that stick together to allow you to use your creativity and make different things. Children can use the Bunchems Bunchbot and follow the intructions to make the 19 suggested things….or get creative and make something unique. You can learn more about the Bunchems Bunchbot by reading our review.

Bunchems Butterfly

Adventure and Outdoors

And finally, for the more adventurous, the Air Hogs Sonic Rocket and the Air Hogs Hyper Stunt Drone will surely keep them fascinated and entertained. The Sonic Rocket is a motorised rocket that can fly up to 200ft, while the The Hyper Stunt Drone is an ‘unstoppable micro drone’.

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  • Superb! My children are going to love this list of toys. These are really fun toys for kids specially when they are home due to pandemic. Thanks for great post Fozia.