Week 18 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 117 – 26th April

Today was extremely hard. Our alarms did not go off and we all missed breakfast before sunrise. The eldest’s alarm was late but we didn’t miss Fajr prayer. We missed the time to eat by 10 minutes. Hubby decided not to fast as he has to take some medications but myself and the eldest decided to go for it. I took it easy all day as I was concerned my blood sugars would go too low considering I wouldn’t be eating or drinking anything for 24 hours… but we managed to keep the full fast. This photo was taken later in the week but it is something I am doing every day which is reciting the Quran.

Monday Day 118 – 27th April

I like to get organised for Eid in advance so I am not having to rush around last minute and get things organised. I have already warned the girls not to expect lots of things or expensive things as with their dad not working we currently have no income and have to be careful. However I will stock up on chocolate! Got some personalised ones but the lady messed up their names by putting H at the end of both names! I messaged and she apologised saying next order she will send a free gift.

I also made shami kebabs myself for the first time today and was proud of myself. Usually my mum makes them and I just go and eat there! But lockdown is forcing me to make things!

Tuesday Day 119 – 28th April

Bee finally joined in with some online karate classes after fracturing her foot over 5 weeks ago. Told her to take it easy and had warned sensei that there might be some moves where she will just watch. It all went ok and she was glad to get back to it. Rosie of course had to get involved and get in the way. She soon ran out when nunchucks started flying around.

Wednesday Day 120 – 29th April

I had seen a local baker restart her business after initially shutting down and she was offering mini cupcake boxes. I knew her cakes are always delicious so got tempted and had to order, which she delivered today.

Thursday Day 121 – 30th April

Not much interesting happening today. Hubby managed to get a job with Hermes and went today. However he decided it wasn’t worth it. He had to work in the rain for 0.60p per parcel. After paying for his DBS, insurance etc and then diesel costs, it really wasn’t worth it. Myself and the girls had a quiet day at home – school work and then just chilling.

Friday Day 122 – 1st May

I had won a giveaway for chocolate covered dates which arrived today! Impatiently waited for sunset so could try them and they were delicious! I also got the nephew to drop off the spare TV at my mums house. Have set it up in the conservatory with the kids Wii and its perfect for when I want a bit of peace…just let them play games and shut the door on them!

Saturday Day 123 – 2nd May

So glad to see it being a sunny day today. Was tired of the rain and it was affecting my mood. My clematis is beginning to look good. Did a bit of weeding and tidy up of the garden. Found a dead baby bird in the grass. It looks like it was only a few days old….the girls buried it. We also spent some time playing some board games which we had been sent by Spin master.

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