Week 19 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 124 – 3rd May

I have started getting a bit more adventurous in the kitchen and today was an attempt at making a chicken pasta bake where I made my own cheese sauce too! It turned out pretty good. Also made some cookies.

Monday Day 125 – 4th May

Back to doing some school work. Bee isn’t really enjoying it…she wants to be back at school and working with her friends. She has a table but decided to lie on the floor to do it. I left her to it….so long as she is doing some work.

Tuesday Day 126 – 5th May

Bee has been having trouble sleeping which is a result of our routine being completely out of whack. I have been letting her get up late in the morning to allow us to have a lie in after having to get up early to eat for our fast….but it has resulted in her bedtime being later and later. She has then asked for the hallway light to be on (even though she has nightlights) and kept going to the toilet unnecessarily. So I have decided to get back into a routine of not allowing her to sleep past 9am and also making sure she gets plenty of exercise to tire her out. In addition to her daily karate classes she also do PE with Joe. It seems to be working.

She also got a phone call from her class teaching assistant which made her happy..she had a got chat for about 15 mins.

Wednesday Day 127 – 6th May

Bee’s dad took her for a walk on her bike but they didn’t get very far. She seems to have forgotten how to ride since last September and was pretty wobbly and he said it wasn’t safe to go out until she is more stable. She is going to have to practice a bit more.

Thursday Day 128 – 7th May

Forgot we had the Clementoni Mind Designer Robot which we had been sent some time ago to review. Got it out and it kept Bee entertained for a while…and as it was coding I didn’t hassle her too much about doing some school work today.

Friday Day 129 – 8th May

It is beginning to get hard to keep Bee entertained. We don’t have any nice areas around us to have a walk in…plus with Ramadan and the heat I don’t fancy going for long walks. Let her ride her bike on the pavement and made a hopscotch on the driveway for her. Thankfully our road is pretty quiet as it is a dead end….so was happy for her to practice her riding on the pavement for now.

Saturday Day 130 – 9th May

A pretty lazy day today. Kids played on the wii and entertained themselves while I tried to catch up with some blogging. We had been sent these games and have been playing them during the week so now just need to write up the post.

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