Review: Aisha’s Eid Mubarak and the Wonderful Dresses

Disclosure: We were gifted a copy of Aisha’s Eid Mubarak and the Wonderful Dresses for the purposes of review. All thoughts are our own.

Explore the wonders of Eid and Deen as your daughter grows fond of this precious holiday and and the activities, and gains the values of Islam through understanding Muslim phrases all while excited to see the dresses for Eid!

Author: Abdul Muhaimin

Publisher: My Ikhlaas

Soft Cover

Aisha’ s Eid Mubarak and the Wonderful Dresses is about the character of Aisha who discovers it is Eid next day and she has to go shopping for a new Eid dress. She thinks of all the colours she could have a dress in and imagines them all before getting to the shops and picking her dress.

If you want to help your child get excited for Eid, then this book will certainly help. The excitement of Aisha is apparent throughout the book from the moment she learns it is Eid tomorrow and that will get a new dress. Bee could certainly relate as she always gets excited about a new dress for Eid!

The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and the dresses she imagines she could have are sure to make you smile; for example a dress made of grapes!

Not just focusing on a dress, throughout the book Islamic phrases are used….helping the child to learn them and use them appropriately.

To make it more fun for the kids, there are some pages at the back where the children can colour Aisha’s dresses.

For a better glimpse into the book watch my quick video on IGTV.

If you like the look of the book and want to purchase it then it is available on Amazon. (affiliate link)

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