Week 29 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 194 – 12th July

The weather hasn’t been great this past week, so today as there was a bit of sun first thing we decided to head to the park so Bee could get in a bit more roller skating practice. We seem to be followed by squirrels every time we go to the park.

Monday Day 195 – 13th July

Eldest headed off to school for 2 hours in the morning. It was for the tutor to catch up with them and to check they have been doing work at home. Then headed to the shops to get some cards for Bee’s teachers and while in the car Bee said it was the worst year of her life because she couldn’t go anywhere or see her friends. Felt bad for her so let her get some dolls in the shop.

Tuesday Day 196 – 14th July

Headed to Bee’s school in the morning as the kids were asked to go collect their end of year gifts. Bee got to see her class teacher and the deputy head. Thankfully she didn’t get upset….think she is used to it now and is looking forward to her new school in September. In the afternoon she was meant to have a zoom meeting with her class to say goodbye but I stupidly had it in my head that it was Wednesday so we missed it. Thankfully I hadn’t told her about it or there would have been tears. I was so angry at myself though.

Wednesday Day 197 – 15th July

Not a lot happening today – mainly TV today! My sweets that I had ordered for Eid arrived but sadly the glass jars had broken. I was refunded the full amount by the seller even though I offered to still pay for the sweets as we could still eat them. And they will be taking it up with Hermes as even the outer packaging was ripped…so clearly it was manhandled. The state of the parcel was shocking.

Thursday Day 198 – 16th July

The eldest had some vaccinations at her school today – the Year 9 ones. Think it was the measles one and the other one was the booster for tetanus, diphtheria and polio. Then took Bee to get her ears pierced. We had then pierced two years ago but we struggled with one ear and when we took the earring out for PE we couldn’t get it back in and the ears literally closed overnight. But she wanted to have another go. Spent some time at the parents house and then when we came home the pigeon and then the doves were being nosey.

Friday Day 199 – 17th July

Technically this was the final day of school before the school holidays start. Felt a bit sad that the kids school year had ended like this.

A full sunny day so as soon as we woke up we headed to the park for some fresh air. Bee was making friends with the dogs and their owners. Then after roller skating, we headed back to the shop as Bee had managed to convince her dad to give her some money to get two more dolls to complete her collection.

Then a quiet afternoon. I finally finished and published my post about Family Friendly Activities in Isle of Wight.

Saturday Day 200 – 18th July

Karate first thing in the morning and then haircuts. Tried to get Bee to go short again but she prefers long hair, eldest just had a trim and I went drastic and cut my hair up to my shoulders. Felt like such a weight had been lifted off my head.

Bee’s headband arrived that I had ordered for her to wear on Eid with her pink dress.

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