Week 30 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 201 – 19th July

A quiet day at home. Bee wanted to help with some gardening as the weeds are getting out of control. Was a bit reluctant as didn’t want her to pull out any flowers and there are also some spiky weeds…but pointed out what she can touch and she got on with it. Was joined by our stalker pigeon…s/he is now so comfortable with us it just carries on eating while Bee carries on with her chatter.

Monday Day 202 – 20th July

A busy morning cooking…made bread rolls and chicken pilau. And then Bee had a 2 hour karate session so while she was at her lesson the rest of us decided to go for a walk at the nearby country park. Managed to get some good pictures and was nice to get out for a walk.

Tuesday Day 203 – 21st July

A chilled out day today. It is hard to do anything Monday to Wednesday as the girls have their online Quran classes…one at 12pm and one at 4pm…so we end up stuck at home. Does frustrate me a bit. But in between todays classes we quickly headed to the shops. Decided to get the girls school shoes before masks get compulsory and before the rush for shoes. I always get Clarks shoes but this year decided to go cheap incase there are more lockdowns and the shoes don’t end up getting used. Hubby treated us to panini’s.

Wednesday Day 204 – 22nd July

Got extremely frustrated today as the girls Quran classes was cancelled an hour before the first one, and rescheduled for tomorrow. That then meant I hadn’t planned anything for today and tomorrow is now also stuck at home. I hate last minute changes and they seem to be happening a lot. But I ended up doing an IGTV on the hajj related books we have at home. The video can be seen here.

Thursday Day 205 – 23rd July

Another day at home. I baked some cookies which turned out pretty delicious. Bee also had a trial online Urdu class today. Trying to teach at least one child to speak something other than English. Eldest doesn’t care but Bee seems interested so thought would give it a go. However at £10 an hour and costing £110 for Level 1, I am not sure we can afford to sign up just yet, especially if she wants payment up front.

Friday Day 206 – 24th July

Had had enough of being at home so ended over to the parents to check in on them. Loved seeing how well my hydrangea was doing…I gave it to them when it was looking sickly in the pot and I didn’t really have the space to plant it. Then the afternoon was spent just chilling and watching TV.

Saturday Day 207 – 25th July

Karate in the morning and then a quiet rest of the day. Bee’s sunflower she got from school is now finally in full bloom. Will collect the seeds and grow lots next year. Headed to the shops in the afternoon as realised I hadn’t got a birthday card for the nephews birthday tomorrow…..wore a mask for the first time as you are now meant to wear them in the shops…..felt so stifling wearing it and will be avoiding going to the shops now….however there were plenty of people not wearing them.

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