3 Flooring Options for the Bedroom

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My bedroom was fully decorated when we first moved into the property which was over 10 years ago, and it is now due a revamp. As a result I have been thinking about flooring which is suitable for the bedroom and have narrowed it down to 3 choices that I personally feel are the best options for us.


If you like the look of wood in your home then hardwood is a good option. Hardwood is 100% wood and provides a luxurious appearance.

Pros of hardwood:

It goes with all decor styles, whether you are looking for a modern or traditional style and there is a range of different types of hardwood you can choose. Hardwood is also easier to keep clean, and doesn’t trap any dust so ideal for people with allergies. If the hardwood does get any scratches or damage then you can simply refinish it or sand it – this means your flooring should last longer.


Hardwood is known to scratch, especially in high traffic areas. Furniture could cause scratches, especially the bed, but this could be solved by the use of rugs. If your bedroom gets a lot of sun then it can cause the hardwood to fade over time.

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Laminate is designed to look like real wood and provides a similar look to hardwood, dependant on the quality of laminate you choose, but it generally is more budget friendly.


It is appealing to some due to the ease of laying it; most DIYers are able to install it themselves. If you do end up damaging any part of it then it is relatively simply to just replace the sections that are damaged by simply changing the boards. It is also easy to keep clean and as a result is generally a good option for allergy sufferers like hardwood.


Although you can replace the boards one of the cons is that you simply can’t refinish it as with hardwood flooring. Laminate can also give a ‘fake’ look so may not be ideal if you are looking to go for a more sophisticated look.


Carpet is what I have known to be in my bedroom ever since I was young. I have always preferred it as it brings warmth into the room.

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If you are opting for carpet you have a range of styles and textures to pick from. Carpets generally give a more warm feel to the room, and definitely more warm on your feet! Carpets are are usually budget friendly – there is a wide range and choice to suit any budget. And are very easy to replace if you want to change your style.


Carpets can stain easily if anything is dropped on them and they can trap dust in them and pet dander if you have pets. Therefore they may not be ideal for allergy sufferers and will require regular cleaning with deep cleans needed too.

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  • I really appreciate your thorough analysis of the three flooring options for the bedroom. It’s clear that you’ve done your research and provided valuable insights. I personally love the timeless elegance of hardwood flooring. The fact that it goes well with any decor style and is easy to clean is a huge plus. The ability to refinish it or sand out any scratches ensures its durability. However, I can understand the appeal of laminate, especially for budget-conscious individuals who still want the look of wood.