Week 32 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 215 – 2nd August

Was feeling really frustrated and just had to get out. So took the girls to Railworld Wildlife Haven. I had discovered the place a few years ago in our city and had been meaning to return for a while. We spent a nice few hours walking around.

Monday Day 216 – 3rd August

Hubby realised that I was getting extremely stressed out and decided to take us on a day out. Initially he was talking about North Yorkshire Moors but it was a 3 hour drive and then mainly just walking. He had initially thought it was just over 2 hours but if we wanted to head to a beach it would have been 3 hours. I then suggested a beach close by but he thought a zoo would be nice for the girls. Checked and Whipsnade Zoo still had tickets available for entry between 10-2. We arrived after 11 and drove straight in. It was relatively busy but the majority of people were keeping their distance.

Tuesday Day 217 – 4th August

Time for Bee’s eye test. Specsavers have been testing her eyes 6 monthly due to a slight weakness which they wanted to keep an eye on… and she was due her test in May. Obviously due to lockdown it didn’t happen. But a reminder letter arrived a week ago so I booked her in. The optician was lovely with her and really took her time with checking her eyes. I mentioned that sometimes now in the evening she says her eyes hurt. So I think that, in addition to one of her eyes worsening slightly, led to glasses being recommended. There is a history of short sightedness in our family; my mum, my brothers and myself, so its not surprising. She picked some Disney Frozen glasses and we collect them next week. She only has to wear them when she is watching TV, at school when looking at the board…and any activities that are further than an arms length. She won’t have to wear them when playing etc. She was a bit worried that her sister would laugh at her though!

Wednesday Day 218 – 5th August

A quiet day today. Finally took the plunge and started purchasing the girls school uniform online. Don’t want to leave it too late that I then can’t find anything.

Bee had an Urdu lesson. We have found someone who charges less than the other teacher and doesn’t want payment up front. £5 a week is more affordable. Thankfully Bee liked the teacher and said she is nicer so we have committed to weekly lessons. Then karate in the evening and Bee made star of the class.

Thursday Day 219 – 6th August

On facebook I came across a small farm shop about 30 mins away that sells vegetables, fruits, cakes and plants. After lunch decided to drive there to check it out. Got some cake and a plant for the garden, then hubby suggested we drive to the beach which was an hour away from where we were. We ended up going totally unprepared….usually I like to stock up on snacks etc! We drove to Wells Next The Sea. It is the first time we have been to the beach, it was nice but I prefer Hunstanton which is a little bit closer. We got there at around 4.30, had a ride on the small train, had a look at the beach, had an ice cream and drove back home. Must say it was nice to be spontaneous as haven’t done that for a while.

Friday Day 220 – 7th August

A more chilled out day today. Was a very hot day and there was no way I was going out in the heat. Caught up with blog comments and managed to get a blog post written about Animals in the Qur’an Snap Cards.

Saturday Day 221 – 8th August

While Bee was at karate myself and the eldest headed to Dobbies Garden Centre. We are club members and one of the perks is that you get 2 hot drinks and 2 cakes as a birthday treat. My birthday was in June but the voucher was still valid until the end of August. So we treated ourselves. It was nice to have some 1-1 time with the eldest as we haven’t managed that since lockdown started. Then went and collected the girls uniforms I had ordered as some of the parcels had arrived.

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