Review: Animals in the Qur’an Snap Cards by Smart Ark

Disclosure: We received the Animals in Qur’an Snap Cards from Sweets and Eid for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

One game that almost everyone knows is Snap! Simple, fun and pretty competitive at times, it’s a family game enjoyed by all ages. The game is recommended for ages 3+.

The Animals in the Qur’an snap cards are perfect to make the game more educational and teach children not just about the animals in the Quran and Quranic reference, but also how to say the names in Arabic, including with transliteration if you are not an Arabic speaker. Note: Transliteration is available with the 2nd edition.

How to Play

There are two recommended ways to play with the cards.

Playing Snap:

Once the cards are shuffled, share them out equally between 2-4 players face down. Without looking at the cards, each player takes it in turn to place a card from their pile into a middle pile.If the cards match then the player shouts out snap. The winner is the player with the most cards.

Playing Pairs:

Place all the cards face down. Take it in turns to lift the cards. If they match the player keeps the cards and if they don’t match they are placed back face down. Taking it in turns, each player as to remember where the matching pairs are. The winner is the player with the most cards.

Our Thoughts

The cards are perfect not just to simply play snap but as a learning resource if you are teaching your children Arabic. The cards are perfect to help teach children about animals that are mentioned in the Quran. With the Quranic reference also mentioned, you can then find it in the Quran and discuss in what context they are mentioned.

The cards are also of good quality and should not necessarily tear easily. The illustrations are cute and will appeal to the children. In addition to this, eyes are not added to the images if this is a concern of yours.

If you like the look of these cards then they are available at Sweets and Eid.

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