Week 33 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 222 – 9th August

Bee had her Urdu class today instead of yesterday as the teacher had to cancel. Bee is enjoying it and currently learning her numbers and colours. Headed to the local Pakistani shop and got some spices and things we needed. Then in the afternoon got a call from mum that one of the budgies had died. She was actually mine but when I went to Pakistan once my parents looked after my two budgies. When one of theirs managed to escape, the one left bonded with one of mine..so when I came back I told mum to keep both of mine too. She had been looking ill for a while and had taken her to the vet once but he did nothing really….I could see something wasn’t right and was planning to take her again on Monday myself to speak to the vet but she passed away before I could. She was my favourite as she was so gentle. Went over to the parents and buried her in the garden. An old photo in her memory.

Monday Day 223 – 10th August

Not much happening today. My left foot starting randomly aching yesterday afternoon and today it was just worse. Don’t remember twisting it or bashing it against anything so really didn’t know what the problem was. Rested it up while hubby gave me some painkillers and looked after the girls, thankfully he had a day off.

Boiler guy also came today to service the boiler…Had full protective mask on but he was nice and had a chat. Usually I offer them a cup of tea or something but they aren’t allowed to accept anything in these times.

Tuesday Day 224 – 11th August

Foot still aching but had things to do today. Time to collect Bee’s glasses. A few adjustments made and they fitted perfectly. Even though the prescription is small she immediately said things looked a bit clearer when looking in the distance.

Decided to have something to eat at my favourite place to have lunch while we were venturing out. Thankfully I had booked a table yesterday as because it was the Help Out to Eat Out scheme it was extremely busy. I have never seen the place that busy before at lunch in all the times I have been there. I decided that I will not be going back while the scheme is in place as it was just too busy for me.

Also treated myself to a couple more jigsaws from The Works.

Wednesday Day 225 – 12th August

After the walking around my foot started aching badly again so rested it up. Weather wasn’t great either so decided to start on the jigsaws. Got Bee finding all the edge pieces – and Rosie promptly decided to sit in the middle when I put the board on the floor.

Ended up having to miss my exercise class in the evening due to my aching foot. However the days rest helped and it had improved substantially by bedtime.

Thursday Day 226 – 13th August

Foot ache almost gone. Rosie was due her vaccinations and her annual check up last month. Finally got a letter this week to remind us and booked her in for today. She absolutely hates the pet carrier and constantly miaows on the way to the vets. Had to call them from outside and the vet came to take her in and check her over. She’s a bit overweight and it was suggested I put her on a diet…but I don’t often treat her or give her our food and her food is already limited so not sure what more they want me to do!

Friday Day 227 – 14th August

Not much planned today except a bit of laundry and some cleaning. Did an IGTV of a new book we had received to review. And did some more of my jigsaw.

Saturday Day 228 – 15th August

Our Saturday mornings are busy again and I prefer that. First thing is Bee’s karate lesson and then a quick dash home for a shower and something to eat before it’s time for her Urdu lesson. Got my delivery of a new iron. Been meaning to get one for ages. People had recommended a steam generator iron but the good ones were pretty expensive…and to be honest I hate ironing and only do what is necessary…so spending over £100 for one didn’t seem worth it. Plus have heard they are big and bulky and I just don’t have the space. Popped to mums for an hour and then an evening of TV and home made pizza.

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