Creative Culture Paper Craft Kits from Sweets and Eid

Disclosure: We received the Paper Craft Kits from Sweets and Eid for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

If you are looking for some crafts to do with your children and keep them entertained then you may want to consider the paper craft kits from Creative Culture.

‘Creative Culture presents a unique range of educational products to enable lids and adults to understand, enjoy and imbibe religious values. The process of ‘Making’ further enhances the learning process.’

Benefits of the Paper Craft Kits

There are a number of benefits of these kits:

  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • Eco Friendly
  • No Plastic
  • No cutting – just fold and stick
  • Learn about history and culture
  • Some packs have a bonus activity

There are a variety of the paper Craft Kits and there is sure to be some that take your interest.

Dome of the Rock

This kit includes the story of the Dome of the Rock and the bonus activity is a colouring activity


  • 6 pre cut sheets with press out parts – 51 pop-out parts
  • 1 hard base sheet
  • Instructions
  • Bonus colouring activity

What did we think?

What I personally liked what that there was no cutting involved. All the pieces are pre cut and it is simply a matter of pressing them out. Therefore making it easy for the children to do and there are no mistakes with the pieces which could happen if they were using scissors.

The instructions are clear and all the parts are numbered which helps ensure you are making the model in the correct order. However I must admit I did find the gluing and sticking extremely fiddly at times and it was not something that Bee had the patience to do and nor could she have done it all alone. I did end up doing pretty much all of it by myself. So although it says it is for ages 7 and above, unless your child is extremely good with gluing and sticking small pieces, I would say it is more for the older children. There were some parts that I really struggled to glue down, but this may be due to the fact we needed better craft glue.

The packaging states it takes 2-5 hours to assemble. It took us over 3 hours to complete it.

The Story of Mecca

This paper craft kit is all about learning about Mecca and Hajj. It is similar to the format of the Dome of the Rock.


  • 7 pre cut sheets with press-out parts – 44 pop-out parts
  • 1 Hard Base sheet
  • Instructions
  • Bonus Crossword Activity

Duas for Sleeping and Waking

This kit is slightly different in that it isn’t a model but a set of 3 plaques to make; one for the dua when waking up, one for the dua before sleeping and one sharing the Prophet’s (pbuh) sunnah before sleeping. They can be wall or shelf decor.


  • 4 pre – cut sheets with press-out parts – 74 pop-out parts
  • 2 metallic base sheets
  • 2 large easel sheets
  • Sticky foam squares
  • Instructions

What did we think?

This kit was easier for the children to do on their own and I left both girls to get on with it by themselves. The pieces are easy to stick on using the sticky foam squares which help create a 3D look. They found the flowers a bit tricky to make but did get there in the end. The kit allows the children’s creativity to come out as they can decorate as they like. The kit makes lovely plaques to put in a child’s bedroom to remind them of the sunnah and the dua’s.

If you like the look of these paper craft kits then they are available to purchase from Sweets and Eid from their Islamic Gifts section. You may also be interested in Animals in the Qur’an Snap Cards which are also available at Sweets and Eid.

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