Week 34 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 229
 – 16th August

A quiet day of not doing much as usual. Didn’t cook as was planning to get fish and chips in the evening. But then hubby phoned on his way home from work suggesting we go to the local buffet. Decided to give it a try as its usually busy Monday-Wednesday due to the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme…and we would rather pay the full price than be packed in like sardines with no social distancing.

We were right and it was extremely quiet. Just 3 other families while we were there. Yes it was expensive on a Sunday but we don’t often go and would rather go when its quiet so can enjoy ourselves.

Monday Day 230
 – 17th August

Feel like we have all gotten extremely lazy. Kids are happy to just stay at home and watch TV, the weather isn’t helping either…weather forecast for most of the week. I get annoyed watching everyone do nothing and then end up joining them…way too much screen time! Had a wander around the garden when it wasn’t raining and took in the colours.

Tuesday Day 231
 – 18th August

Feeling really frustrated today. Weather forecast was rain but only got small showers and felt like I wasted another day by not planning to go anywhere. Just had enough now and feeling so stressed out about everything. Sat out in the garden for a bit just trying to relax.

Wednesday Day 232
 – 19th August

In a really bad mood today. Hubby decided to try going to work this evening to see if it has picked up. This clashed with my exercise class in the evening. I ended up cancelling it and future ones as once he goes back to work fully I won’t be able to commit to going in the evenings. Did upset me as feel like I can’t do anything for myself at all when the kids are at home. All I wanted was one hour on Wednesday evenings. But at the same time I understand he is under pressure as our income has reduced and he is trying to work two jobs. Ended up working on my jigsaw and completed it.

Thursday Day 233
 – 20th August

I had been planning to take the girls out today as it was a sunny day for once. However hubby said in the morning we will go to London in the afternoon as he has to go see someone. So in the morning took some photos with Bee for an instagram review and then we got ready….and then hubby decides not to go. He said we can go to London to eat out but to be honest I didn’t want to sit in a car for 2 hours just to go and eat….as the girls find that boring and to be honest I have started finding that boring too. But these days you can’t just go anywhere without booking so we came home and did nothing. It did ruin my mood and regretted not taking the girls out first thing to a horse sanctuary like I was planning to. There was no point going in the afternoon as they shut at 4pm and it takes an hour and a half to get there.

Friday Day 234
 – 21st August

We had recently received some Paper Craft kits to review. As it was extremely windy today we spent another day at home working on two of these. Then I completed a blog post about them: Creative Culture Paper Craft Kits from Sweets and Eid.

Saturday Day 235
 – 22nd August

Bee’s karate in the morning and then Urdu class after. While she was at her Urdu lesson we headed to Matalan to get some things. On the way back to collect Bee I stopped off a new cake shop and treated the girls to cupcakes and brownies, had been promising Bee I would get her cake from the shop for days. The cupcakes were delicious.

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