Review: Crazy Eggz by Asmodee

Disclousure: We received Crazy Eggz by Asmodee for the purposes of review as part of the Blogger Board Game Club. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

So what is Crazy Eggz? Well it is what it says, a ‘crazy’ game involving eggs, for ages 7+ and for 2-4 players.

Contents of Crazy Eggz

  • 9 Orange Eggs
  • 1 Blue Egg
  • 1 Egg Stand
  • 1 Action Die (Red)
  • 1 Body Die (White)

How To Play

Clearly the game revolves around the eggs! To set up the game everyone has to roll the body die and then hold 1 orange egg with their body based on where the die tells them to hold it. The options are:

  • Under the armpit
  • The inside of the elbow
  • Between neck and shoulder
  • Under the chin
  • Between the knees
  • Player has the choice out of the five positions.

Once that is done, the youngest player starts the game by choosing an egg and placing it on the egg stand.

Now it is the turn of the action die. Players roll it in turn and then the first person to act according to the picture on the die (red sides), has to roll the body die and place the egg on the position the die says.

So what are the actions on the action die?

4 red actions: Shout ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo’, take the egg on the egg stand,take the action die, or stand up and do the disco pose.

2 blue actions: put index finger on their lips and say hush or put one of their hands on the egg on the stand.

The blue action is different in that the last person to perform the action has to return one of their eggs to the egg box.

The aim of the game is for all 10 eggs to be placed and the winner is the one with the most eggs. If there is a tie then whoever has the blue egg is the winner. The blue egg is heavier and harder than the orange ones, therefore it is more difficult to hold.

What did we think?

Bee thought the game was hilarious but the eldest simply thought it was OK. The game can take a while to actually complete as it is not always easy to hold the eggs and then do the actions – ie for example the disco pose. If you drop an egg it has to go back into the egg box. If the players aren’t very good at keeping hold of the eggs then the game can go on for a while!

The other thing that personally concerned me is hygiene. The thought of an egg being placed under someones armpit and then possibly ending up under your chin didn’t appeal to me…even if it is family and close friends!

However it did have Bee giggling and she does enjoy playing it and does regularly want to play it.

If you like the look of the game then it available from Amazon:

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