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With Bee now becoming more curious about things she hears and sees, I was looking for a safe and age appropriate way to introduce current affairs to her and The Week Junior provides everything I was looking for. It explains real world events in a clear and age-sensitive way, allowing children to explore the facts without speculation or alarming headlines.

We recently received a copy of The Week Junior and Bee has been engrossed in reading it.

What is The Week Junior?

The Week Junior is an award winning magazine for 8-14 year olds. It is the fastest growing children magazine and it covers the latest real world matters in a safe and fun way with child friendly language. It allows them to learn about what is happening in the world, develop their own thoughts about what is happening and have discussions with you should they wish to.

With clear sections it is easy for the children to navigate. Sections include: This Weeks Big News, Homes News, Around the World, The Big Debate, Science and Technology, Entertainment, Sport and more! There are lots of pictures throughout the magazine which helps break up the text and makes it less intimidating.

Features and Getting Involved

The Week Junior isn’t just about telling the latest news but there are also other features and sections that allow your children to get involved. For example, Photo of the Week, competitions and puzzles. Children can email their news, views and pictures to the magazine and they may get featured. If they make it to the page they will be sent a Roving Reporter badge (if name and address included).

Benefits of The Week Junior magazine

The Week Junior magazine is beneficial in so many ways:

  • It encourages your child to read
  • Helps promote debate and discussion
  • Helps your children form their own opinions
  • Helps develop their critical thinking skills
  • Gets your child ready to discuss matters that may come up in school in an informed way

As soon as Bee received the magazine she was engrossed in it and taking in all the news and information provided. She had recently seen some images of the blast in Beirut  but the magazine helped explain what had happened in a safe way to her, with just enough detail to provide her with answers but not alarm her. Reading the article made her confident enough to discuss it with me, when before she hadn’t really spoken about it. 

What also stood out about the magazine is it is very visually appealing. With plenty of images to break up the articles and relevant interesting facts colourfully highlighted and a double page spread dedicated to the ‘Photos of the Week’. 

Bee found the puzzles and quizzes fun to do and loved that other activities were also included such as recipes. It helps break up the news articles and gives the readers something interesting to do.

Special Offer

The Week Junior has a special subscription offer: receive 6 Free issues of the magazine (RRP £15), with home delivery included. In addition to this you also receive a free £5 book voucher as a welcome gift. (T&CS:

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