Week 36 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 243 – 30th August

I had booked the Heights of Abraham not realising it was the Bank Holiday Weekend. I then worried the traffic might be a bit crazy around the Peak District area but thankfully no problems at all. Had a lovely day, going up in the cable cars, exploring the caves and taking in the views. Having to wear a mask in the caves was hard though, especially when we had to climb over 100 steps and my glasses kept getting steamed up. Will do a blog post about it all soon.

Monday Day 244 – 31st August

A quiet day today, hubby went to work and we just chilled at home. I started writing up sone blog posts about our recent days out and got a new post live in my hijab series: Wearing Hijab: My Identity and a Political Act.

Tuesday Day 245 – 1st September

Had been planning to go on a day out with one of Bee’s friends today but her friend wasn’t feeling well so her mum had booked a virus test yesterday and I was also feeling run down so we left it. I started watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix on the laptop and let the girls just have a TV day.

Wednesday Day 246 – 2nd September

Feeling run down turned into a full blown cold. Hubby got me Nurofen….don’t know why he doesn’t just get the cheap stuff…its the same thing. I did debate whether to book myself in for a test but it just feels like a cold….runny nose, a bit of sneezing and minor cough. So decided against it. If everyone goes for a minor sniffle they will be over run with people and tests. So annoyed though as had so many plans for this week with it being the girls final week of school holidays…had been wanting to go to a sunflower field and also Windsor castle…but looks like it’s just going to be at home and resting up.

Thursday Day 247 – 3rd September

Totally feeling rubbish today and spent it all day in bed. Was so glad that hubby’s work was quiet and he decided to come home as he then cooked the evening meal for the girls. We had been living on sandwiches and frozen food the last couple of days. He also got some pizza flavoured crisps. By the evening I was feeling better and so gave them a try. Just tasted of tomatoes really.

Friday Day 248 – 4th September

Rosie kept me company in the morning while I mustered up the energy to get on with things! Feeling more alive today so did 3 loads of laundry to catch up with housework and generally just chilled. Got a sponsored post about The Week Junior live.

Saturday Day 249 – 5th September

A quiet day today, worked on the jigsaw I started last week and generally just chilled again. Need to label Bee’s school uniform ready for next week but think I will do that tomorrow.

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