Week 38 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 257 – 13th September

Was planning to go out for the day but then just got lazy and didn’t go anywhere. Ended up chilling at home, after the first full week of school and then a busy day yesterday we just wanted to rest. We played a game we were sent to review: Dobble 360.

Monday Day 258 – 14th September

Now that we have to pay for Bee’s school dinners we are a bit picky about the days she has them as she doesn’t always like the food and I am not paying for her to waste half. I decided to get a yumbox and make packed lunch for the days she doesn’t like the food the school provide. The yumbox is great as can put in small amounts of different foods…and she manages to eat it all.

Had my eye test which I have every 2 years. Apparently the vision in one of my eyes has improved slightly. And a new pair of glasses was recommended. So picked a new pair, and will be collecting them next week.

Tuesday Day 259 – 15th September

Bee’s 8th birthday today! We didn’t really do much due to the restrictions of only 6 people being able to meet. Was just cake and balloons but she was happy as she got two new Nintendo Switch games and a takeaway in the evening.

Wednesday Day 260 – 16th September

Not really much planned today. Hubby treated me to a Chaiwalla breakfast before he headed to work and then just general cleaning and cooking before picking up the kids. My car insurance is up for renewal next month so tried to find cheaper quotes. Took hubby off the policy as he had a few minor accidents in his car and it would have bumped up my policy and can’t really afford it….considering the only time he drives my car these days is when he’s taking it for a MOT or service.

Thursday Day 261 – 17th September

Did absolutely nothing today to be honest. Just watched some stuff and remembered my brother today as it was his birthday. He would have been 51 if he was still here. Hubby was home so we just relaxed and then he took Bee for her two hour karate session after school while I continued to chill.

So a picture of Rosie it is. But am cheating as I didn’t actually take any pictures today – the eldest took it.

Friday Day 262 – 18th September

Bee has managed to rip 3 tights already and she has only been at school for 2 weeks. They are the light summer ones and sometimes as she puts them on she manages to rip them. Now that it is meant to be getting colder I headed out to get her some thicker tights, hopefully they won’t rip as easily. As I had a 15% off voucher I also decided to get her a winter hat and gloves. Then thought maybe I shouldn’t have bothered as it’s beginning to look like a lot more lockdowns may happen. Then in the evening managed to get a blog post live about a recent trip to Linton Zoo. Also managed to do some work on the Muslimah Bloggers awards…every year do some informal awards which are looked forward to by the Muslimah Bloggers community.

Saturday Day 263 – 19th September

Usual routine of karate in the morning for Bee, come home for a shower and then her Urdu class. After class today decided to take the girls for some dessert. Had promised Bee I would take her weeks ago and didn’t want to break my promise. However now with covid cases rises I think this is likely to be our last trip eating out anywhere.

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