Day Out at Linton Zoo Conservation Park

When you think of a zoo, the immediate thought is of acres and acres of land with lots of animals to see, spending a whole day there and leaving with tired legs due to all the walking.

However Linton Zoo isn’t like that and therefore is perfect for the little legs. The zoo is more focused on conservation; they are a wildlife breeding centre for endangered animals and therefore smaller than some of the other zoos we have visited such as Whipsnade Zoo and London Zoo.

The last time we went to Linton Zoo was in 2016. Back then the experience was different as this time there was a lot of restrictions due to the virus. There was no animal handling, talks or face painting etc so we pretty much managed to walk around in about an hour.


There is a fair variety of animals for you to see at the zoo. These include lions, snow leopards, turtles, zebras and more.


There is a very small cafe at the front of the zoo but as we only had ice creams I can’t comment on the food. However at the moment you can only take food outside and if you take a picnic from home this can only be eaten in the car park fields.

A small gift shop is also part of the cafe where you can get the usual memorabilia.

Play Areas

There is a small play for the children. However this is currently shut as well due to the ongoing pandemic.

What did we think?

Linton zoo is a nice way to spend a few hours, you could spend more time there if you go around a few times…..sometimes you need to to try to see all the animals. The site has taken precautions against the virus by doing a one way system which when we went most people were adhering to.

Some of the sections of the zoo are beginning to look old and dated but the zoo is doing a lot of good work with their breeding programmes. And it isn’t just about the animals….they also have some lovely plants throughout the zoo..and also models of dinosaurs to entertain the children.

At the moment you MUST book in advance before attending and more information about the zoo, including ticket prices can be found on their website: Linton Zoo.

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