Week 39 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 264 – 20th September

Had an extra session at karate today. It is belt testing next week and I had booked in a 1-2-1 with one of her instructors so they could go through the moves and help her improve. On the way home decided to get a box of Krispy Kreme from the drive through.

Monday Day 265 – 21st September

Had to drop off the girls to school in the morning for the first time since they went back. Hubby had been doing the morning school runs but he has started a different job so it’s on me again. Then headed to Specsavers to collect my glasses…had a wander around B&M and got a few bits. Managed to get another quick IGTV review video done on another book.

Tuesday Day 266 – 22nd September

A school governor meeting online in the morning and then not much else happening. Not been the best day….found out something today which caused me a lot of stress and worry…and will worry me for the foreseeable future. But I need to just try and get on with it as I can’t change anything. Thankfully some treats arrived in the post to review which cheered me up. Did a quick IGTV reel to share the products.

Wednesday Day 267 – 23rd September

A quiet day today really reflecting on yesterdays news. Did absolutely nothing to be honest as really wasn’t in the mood. Ate another cake which I probably shouldn’t have.

Thursday Day 268 – 24th September

Unexpected drive to Birmingham today. Hubby had to sign some documents at a bank and the nearest branch was in Birmingham (Pakistani bank). I decided to go with him for the drive and we had lunch before we headed back. The biryani was delicious. This this is the first time since lockdown that myself and hubby have done something without the girls. And he missed them.

Friday Day 269 – 25th September

Still feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed and did absolutely nothing. Watched Enola Holmes on Netflix, caught up with blog comments and in the evening managed to get the review of Dobble 360 live. Didn’t really have anything to take a picture of….so you have one of Rosie chilling as usual.

Saturday Day 270 – 26th September

No karate this morning due to belt testings happening this weekend so a more relaxed start to the morning. Bee had her Urdu class and it’s been a day of films and popcorn. Now TV offered a months free movie pass so we are binge watching all the films we want to watch. The weather has turned and doubt we will be going out much now. Also practiced for Bee’s belt testing tomorrow.

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