Week 40 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 271 – 27th September

Bee had belt testing in the afternoon so we did a bit of practicing in the morning. Then headed off to the Dojo. She was a bit nervous but she managed to get her purple belt with a B pass. She will now be moving up to more advanced classes.

Monday Day 272 – 28th September

A quiet one today, caught up with emails and then tried to get some decent photos of Rosie for a review products.

Tuesday Day 273 – 29th September

Another day of doing nothing. Just been feeling like I want to hide away and do nothing. So another picture of Rosie.

Wednesday Day 274 – 30th September

I decided to get myself the Ring Fit for the Nintendo Switch. Had ordered it off Amazon and it arrived yesterday. After just 15 mins I was shattered! It’s a fun way to get moving! Bee of course had to have a go too as soon as she got home from school.

Thursday Day 275 – 1st October

Hubby was home today but didn’t really do much. Just relaxed at home. He made chicken for the evening meal and then took Bee to karate. She has 2 hours on a Thursday and that allowed me to join the Full Governors Meeting on Microsoft Teams in peace.

Friday Day 276 – 2nd October

Didn’t have anything planned today (it’s been a quite week in general). So I just watched some TV. I watched a film called Just Mercy which was about a black man that was on death row, falsely accused, and the fight to get him off death row. Worth a watch.

Saturday Day 277 – 3rd October

Now that Bee is in an advanced class for karate, it means it’s a more relaxing morning as it is one hour later. However it means we are then left with 45 minutes between her karate class and her Urdu class. Spoke to the Urdu teacher and she agreed to make that class 1 hour later too, so we don’t have to rush. After her class we decide to try a new cake shop that had just opened but it was shut…..drove to the other cake shop and she was out of cupcakes but had trifle and some other cake so got some of those. Picture of a book I have just started reading while at karate.

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