Week 45 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 306 – 1st November

I had promised Bee some time ago that I would take them out to a dessert place and finally decided to take her before its back to school after half term tomorrow and before the 4 week lockdown happens on Thursday.

Monday Day 307 – 2nd November

After enjoying the book ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ I decided to get some more books by the same author for the girls. Can’t wait to give them a read myself. These arrived yesterday..but took the photo today. Other than that a quiet day with the girls back to school

Tuesday Day 308 – 3rd November

I had planned to meet a friend for lunch before half term but it got cancelled. We fitted it in today before lockdown and the place was quiet. However while eating I started getting notifications of money going out pf my bank to Amazon for purchases. I had had 2 notifications yesterday but had assumed it was my husband as it is a joint account. However when 1 after the other the notifications came through I got suspicious as the husband doesn’t usually purchase anything from Amazon, and if he does buy anything online he uses his own account as this one is mainly just for bills. Messaged him and he said it wasn’t him. Hurried to the bank and all they could do was help me reset my telephone banking and had to come back home to phone them! Phoned them and after a few questions they said they would refund me. As the money hadn’t actually gone out of my account yet it looked like they simply cancelled the transactions so we weren’t any worse off. The surprising thing was that it was my card that was used……and I hardly ever use that card. Am sure it has been over a year since I last used it. So strange. Was a bit of a stressful day but in the evening got the hot chocolate pods out and made the girls some hot chocolate and relaxed. Bee had to put in loads of marshmallows.

Wednesday Day 309 – 4th November

Headed to my friends house who I had lunch with yesterday to get my will signed and witnessed by her and her partner. And then met up with a friend for a Costa as I wanted to try their new flavours. The Costa was packed with no tables free at all!! So headed to NEXT which was in the same retail park and has a small Costa upstairs. Managed to find a seat and tried their Terrys Hot Chocolate. It was nice and not too sickly. Got the girls some Terrys muffins too for after school.

Thursday Day 310 – 5th November

So 2nd lockdown again although to me personally nothing much has changed except for Bee’s karate will now be online rather than having to drive her there and wait…which suits me to be honest. And in winter I rarely go out and avoid the shops anyway. However I know it won’t be easy for many and our income will again drop this month. A quiet day today, just catching up with some blog stuff…and eating chocolate. No karate for Bee today as although they have had notice of the lockdown, for some reason they couldn’t sort out the online lessons which will now begin on Monday. I must admit I am a bit miffed….she has missed a whole week of classes now (she goes Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and with online they reduce the times to 30 minutes rather than the full hour and we still pay the same. I supported them during the last lockdown and didn’t stop payments as we could make any of the times but now with Bee’s school and Quran classes she can only make certain days and times. If the lockdown continues past 4 weeks I may stop my membership this time.

Friday Day 311 – 6th November

Not a lot planned today. Just watching Netflix and managed to get a post live about my Islamic Will. The picture is of Rosie trying to get me to share my breakfast. My dad then phoned to tell me that the doctor has stopped one of mums inhalers. I had ordered it with her medication and it hadn’t arrived so I had thought I had missed it out and reordered it. But for some reason the doctor, without even seeing her has decided she doesn’t actually need it. They tried stopping it once before years ago and her asthma got worse and they had to give it back to her. This is the worst time they could have stopped it as she usually needs it during winter and the colder months. What doesn’t make sense is why they suddenly decided to stop it!

Saturday Day 312 – 7th November

No karate and no Urdu classes. Although her Urdu teacher is back from Pakistan she is now self isolating for 2 weeks. But then with lockdown again we can’t go back anyway so think she was going to try to do online with her. So spent the morning cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and then started trying out some K’nex products with Bee that we were sent to review. Will be a review blog post up soon.

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