Disney Frozen 2: Magic Ice Sleeve and Ice Walker #Frozen2Toys

Disclosure: We received some Frozen 2 products for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We never went to the cinema to watch Frozen but when Frozen 2 was out we just had to go and watch it on the big screen after Bee became a fan of Elsa and Anna. And she absolutely loved the film! Although she is now 8, she still has a fondness for Frozen and even got her new glasses in the Frozen theme. So she was pleased to receive some Frozen 2 toys and see what they could do!

Disney Frozen 2 Magic Ice Sleeve


  • 1 x Bejewelled sleeve
  • 1 x Magic ice can
  • 1 x Reuseable replacement water bottle.

Fans of Elsa will love the Magic Ice Sleeve as they can wear it and feel like they are Elsa. Just like Elsa’s dress, the sleeve features jewel detailing along with lace trimming and the bracelet which secures the ice can is eye catching with its icy blue glitter. So if you have the dress as well you can complete the whole Elsa look!

How it Works

Using the ice sleeve is pretty straightforward. You simply attach the Magic Ice can to the sleeve, put the sleeve on and you are ready to shoot ‘ice’ in all directions, just like Elsa. It is easy to release the ‘ice’. Children simply have to raise their finger, as the spray ice trigger is connected to the bottom of the ring.

The sleeve is recommended for ages 5+ but Bee at age 8 still loved the sleeve, I think partly due to being able to get the ‘ice’ everywhere! She was in fits of giggles getting the ‘ice’ to come out and we pretty much got it everywhere. She certainly did ‘Let it Go’!!!

Those familiar with silly string will know that it does get everywhere – we ended up with some on the conservatory doors! You may want to stick with using it outdoors if you don’t want to be finding bits of ‘ice’ everywhere!

It is recommended to use the can sparingly as the downside is that it will empty relatively quickly, which could then disappoint the little ones.

Once the can finishes, you can continue to have fun with the refillable water bottle and use it as a water squirter instead.

The Disney Frozen 2 Magic Ice Sleeve is available from Smyths toys with a RRP of £24.99.

Disney Frozen 2 Ice Walker

Who doesn’t love snow crystals with their pretty and intricate designs? You can replicate the look of snow crystals with this Frozen 2 Ice Walker.

How to Use

The walker does require 3 x AAA batteries which are not included. However once you have inserted the batteries, simply put the ice walker over your shoe and start walking or running! When you walk or run it will put pressure on the sensor button on the elastic strap lighting up the ice walker, which will project the crystals on the floor.

It is easy to put on your shoe as the strap is elastic and therefore should fit over any size shoe. We tried with trainers and it worked perfectly. Note that it is recommended to use it with shoes from size 26.

Bee seemed to love seeing the snowflakes on the floor but I think the ice walker is better suited for the more younger children. It is recommended for children aged 3+ and I can imagine the joy and wonder it would bring to the little ones.

I also feel that it would have been nice to have had a pair in the box so that there was one for each foot.

The Disney Frozen 2 Ice Walker is available to purchase from Very with a RRP of £29.99

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