(AD) Steril-eeze – Be Kind to your Hands with Alcohol Free Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has now become an essential item for a lot more people to have with them when out and about and in the home. However all this extra use of sanitiser can be harsh on the skin and we have often come across sanitiser that has an over powering smell when applied. This is where Steril-eeze can help make a difference.

What is Steril-eeze?

Steril-eeze is a new hand sanitiser that is alcohol free. I used to believe that sanitiser had to contain alcohol to be effective but Steril-eeze uses Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) which is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacterial.

Medical professionals have been using hypochlorous acid for many years to kill bacteria and viruses, both in wound care and general hygiene. It’s great tht people can now buy Steril-eeze for their personal use and take advantage of the many benefits it offers.

Professor Val Edwards-Jones, mocrobiology and consultant to Steril_eeze

You can learn more about Steril-eeze and HOCI and how it is effective without the use of alcohol through this video.

One of the issues that some may face with the use of hand sanitiser is hand irritation. A recent survey by IPSOS shows that 72% of women have noticed changes to their skin whilst using hand sanitisers. I personally have experienced dry skin and I noticed that Bee’s hands were often getting dry with the excessive use of hand sanitiser. Steril-eeze can be used by children and along with being alcohol free and effective, it also states that it is kind to hands. Steril-eeze doesn’t irritate, sting or dry out skin. The stinging was tested by the eldest who had a small cut on her finger and said she didn’t feel a thing when she used it.

Steril-eeze is available in 3 different sizes:

  • 50ml RRP £2.49
  • 100ml RRP £3.99
  • 250ml RRP £7.49

We have our larger bottle placed on the mantlepiece with easy access so as soon as anyone walks indoors they can sanitise their hands.

The smaller sizes are perfect to put in your handbags or school bags or even in the car. Bee is always complaining about the hand sanitiser that she has to use at school saying it doesn’t smell nice and takes forever to dry. I will now be putting in one of the smaller bottles of Steril_eeze for her to take with her to school.

The fact that it is quick to dry, in addition to being alcohol free and kind to hands, makes it the ideal hand sanitiser for her to use.

Not just for hands.

Steril-eeze is not just suitable for sanitising your hands but it can also be used for surfaces. It is ideal to take with you for when you are out to spray items such as shopping trolleys and to spray your car interior if needed. Or even give your keys or toys a quick spray at home.

If you would like to purchase Steril-eeze then it is available from Morrisons and Amazon.

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  • Hello Fozia! . The hand sanitizer that I used made my hand feel like it is burning. So, I was looking for alcohol free sanitizer. Thankyou for recommending Steril-eeze. As it is alcohol free, I believe it will not make my hand feel like burning. I will definitely try this out.