The End of 2020 Project 366

Sunday Day 362 – 27th December

Quickly nipped to the shops in the morning. Hubby usually does it to avoid all of us going to the shops…. but I went along with him this time as wanted to do a big bulk shop and he usually misses things out….plus I usually tend to find some offers and stock up. Told him to buy me some flowers and got some!

Monday Day 363 – 28th December

At the end of the year I usually do a list of some our favourite books. Managed to get a blog post live about our Top 5 Islamic Childrens Books of 2020.

Tuesday Day 364 – 29th December

Nothing really planned today to be honest. Sat around watching TV. Tried to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but couldn’t really get into it and the girls weren’t interested.

Wednesday Day 365 – 30th December

Another quiet day….feeling quite cold to be honest. Eldest decided to bake some cookies…she made them quite big and didn’t space them out but they tasted good!

Thursday Day 366 – 31st December

Been asking hubby to get me some Vitamin D tablets for the last couple of days and he finally got some today.

Have to admit we have gotten quite lazy recently. Haven’t gone out anywhere and just been watching TV, reading books and not much else. But to be honest it has been kind of nice to go on a go slow and recharge our batteries before the New Year Starts. We didn’t really do anything special for New Years Eve. Bee wanted to stay up and watch the fireworks but after she saw quite a lot at 10pm she went to bed. I was just falling asleep when it hit midnight and then I was wide awake and one family decided to do them on the street and the children were screaming and singing. I thought Bee might wake up but somehow she managed to sleep through. Usually no-one bothers on our street and if I had known they would be doing them literally outside her room I would have let her stay up!

And here we are….at the end of another Project 365/366. Lets hope 2021 is much better for us all!

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