Are Designer Trainers Worth the Money?

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Trainers are something that pretty much everyone wears, whether when hitting the gym, walking the dog, browsing the shops, or even just casually at the weekend. If you’re a fan of trainers – and how comfortable they are – then you may have been tempted by some of the designer makes on offer. Designer trainers are available from all of the top brands including Versace, Burberry, and Saint Laurent, and of course the well-known sports brands have also begun releasing more fashionable trainers over the years. But are the designer brands worth the money? Let’s take a look.

They Can Be Worn Every Day

If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your wardrobe, you’ve probably already covered the basics. However, footwear is one thing that is often forgotten about until it comes time to leave the house and you realise you have nothing to pair with your stylish outfit. Designer trainers are fashionable enough to wear every day and can be worn with both smart and casual wear. Due to their versatility, the expenditure is much more worthwhile.

Higher Construction Quality

While designer trainers do cost a lot more money than the non-branded high street options, you can rest assured that they have been created with attention to detail. Every pair of designer trainers has a higher construction quality than cheaper models, with some even featuring hand stitched designs. This means that they last far much longer than the cheaper brands and are not designed to be thrown away. This is also ideal for those who are concerned with fast fashion.

Wider Range of Styles

You only have to check out the range of Versace shoes available on SSENSE to see just how many different styles of designer trainers there are. You can find plains, patterns, vibrant colours, and more all at different price points. If you have a favourite designer you can check out their latest collections, or you can browse in general and see if anything catches your eye. A lot of people opt to purchase a pair that will match well with most of their outfits, but if you have the money, there’s no reason not to buy more than one pair.

Elevate Your Look

Designer trainers have the ability to elevate your complete outfit, no matter what else you’re wearing. You could choose to pair them with a £50 pair of Levis, and a white t-shirt from Primark, and people would think you were wearing a fully expensive outfit. Not only that, but trainers don’t see the same trends coming and going in the same way that most fashion does. The designer trainers you purchase in 2021 won’t go out of fashion at any point in the foreseeable future, so they are a much more worthy investment than a designer outfit that will look outdated just one season later.

Do you have a favourite designer whose trainers you are interested in? Let us know which brand you’re going to buy from in the comments.

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