Week 4 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 24 January – Day 24

Woke up and was expecting it to snow in the morning as forecast but nothing. It finally arrived in the afternoon and it settled enough to go out and play in. We made some snowmen and it was nice to see families and couples out on the street having fun.

Monday 25 January – Day 25

The snow didn’t melt and we still had some left over. It is the first year I really appreciated it and enjoyed it as I didn’t have to drive in it. The kids were excited in Bee’s online classes and the teachers let them chat about it and talk about what they did in the snow and encouraged them to send pictures of the snowmen they made. The eldest went out to try to make another snowman but said the snow was too crumbly.

Tuesday 26 January – Day 26

Another uneventful day. Girls did their online classes and then we just chilled in the evening. Rosie often lies on the stairs and refuses to move so we have to jump over her!

Wednesday 27 January – Day 27

I had gone through Bee’s paint box earlier in the week and had realised that she was running low on some paints and some had dried up. She was going to need some for a project on Friday so had ordered some. They arrived today and she was pleased.

Thursday 28 January – Day 28

A local lady was offering some baby succulents for free and when I messaged her she had some left. She gave us 4 Aloe Vera plants. I had ordered some compost and pots which arrived today…I had expected the pots to be bigger but they will do for now. Repotted the plants and now hopefully we don’t kill them.

Friday 29 January – Day 29

Bee’s school decided not to hold any online classes as they wanted the kids to have a day off from screens. So they set a project to make an animal and the best 2 would win Amazon vouchers. I didn’t have the patience to make a model as such so instead printed out some fish and Bee enjoyed decorating them. I had to go have another blood test and she failed from the arm even though she was convinced she could feel a big vein….in the end she took it from my hand. I also managed to get a book review live: A Child’s Gift – Duas, Ahadeeth, Surahs.

Saturday 30 January – Day 30

Not much happening today. Snow was forecast again but it didn’t happen. Tidied the house, cooked and then we binge watched Masterchef Junior before watching the evening TV.

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