Week 16 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 18th April – Day 107

Decided to go for it and plant the plants outdoor and just see what happens if frost does hit….I just wanted to get my conservatory empty and back! Got the girls to help. Eldest grudgingly helped but Bee loves helping. Although she didn’t do any planting she watered all the plants as some of the pots were looking bit dry.

Monday 19th April – Day 108

A quiet day at home really. A few parcels arrived. One was a cat ornament I got for the garden. Girls think it looks a bit freaky with its eyes..

Tuesday 20th April – Day 109

Was going stir crazy at home and needed some fresh air. Ventured out to Dobbies Garden centre and got a few bedding plants and also got the car washed…its been almost 2 years since it had a proper wash.

Wednesday 21st April – Day 110

Hubby was looking a bit tired so I suggested he took today off work instead of tomorrow. He normally takes Thursday off so he can take Bee to Karate but he looked shattered today. Plus I was getting sent a package of food from a restaurant to promote and thought it would be nice to all sit down at Iftaar time and try it together. It arrived and there was a lot! Also managed to get a post live about making the most of Ramadan when you are not fasting.

Thursday 22nd April – Day 111

Another quiet day at home. I had ordered a Rosie hebe in memory of Rosie to plant in the garden and that arrived today. Just need to get a pot as I want to keep it in a pot so it can go with us if we ever move in the future. It should have some pretty pink flowers when it gets bigger. Also had a nightmare trying to get a doctors appointment for mum. She has an ongoing issue with a really bad rash on her face and it was back. Before we got fobbed off by the doctors until she broke down in tears at an appointment for a B12 injection and the nurse took pity and got a doctor to see her. Today the doctor phoned, suggested a tablet and insisted that mum sends a picture rather than physically see her – she explained she doesn’t have a camera and the mobile number on their system is mine…and that I am pregnant and don’t go out much and not round to their house much either. But he still insisted and sent me a link on my mobile to send him pictures. Dropped off Bee at karate at 4pm as it was her first day of helping and then myself and the eldest dashed to the shops round the corner – it was the best time to go as it was so quiet. Wanted to go to Claires Accessories to get some hair accessories for Bee and some nail polish for Eid to go with her outfit. I like to be ready in advance and not do last minute shopping. Usually I send hubby to the shops for anything I need but he would be lost with hair accessories and nail polish!

Friday 23rd April – Day 112

I had a few jobs to do so asked my nephew to help out. He got me a bag of compost and then came round to cut my grass for me as I can’t do too much at the moment and hubby is suffering from hay fever so can’t do any gardening right now. He also brought me some spare pots from my mums house for the plants i still need to plant out – the hebe and also a couple of cucumber plants a friend got me. We have an annual tradition where she gets me some plants and we compete to see who manages to get some decent cucumbers!

I had to go to the bank and on the way home decided to try some German Donner Kebab….wasn’t impressed to be honest and don’t understand the fuss about it. Stopped off at mums to take a picture of her face and the doctor rang back within 30 minutes and thinks it’s Rosacea. He said not to take the tablets yet (even though my nephew went and got them today) and prescribed a cream to try first. Our pharmacy and their branches didn’t have it in stock so I had to ring around a few pharmacies to try to find it otherwise mum would have suffered till Monday. Managed to find it and sent the nephew to go fetch it for mum.

Saturday 24th April – Day 113

Feeling tired this morning. Hubby dropped off Bee at karate and then I went to pick her up. Stopped off at the garden centre again to get some hanging basket plants for mum and once picked up Bee I had to take her shoe shopping. I do try to avoid going to the shops and especially at the weekend but yesterday I had discovered she had a hole in her school shoes so couldn’t avoid going. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy and I felt relatively safe. Went to Shoezone as refuse to buy Clarks for just the last summer term and she also saw some shoes she wanted for Eid. They were on sale for £7.99 so agreed to get them although not sure if she can manage heels…but she is convinced she can and she loves bling. She is now ready for Eid and I don’t have to go out to any more shops!

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