Getting some comfort with the bbhugme pregnancy pillow.

When I found out I was pregnant one of the things that I knew I had to buy was a pregnancy pillow. In previous pregnancies the pillow had really helped me settle at night and helped me get into a comfortable position. However the one I purchased previously (nearly 15 years ago) was no longer available. So after lots of research, speaking to other mums in pregnancy groups I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to a bbhugme pregnancy pillow in my first trimester.

The Benefits of A Pregnancy Pillow

So why get a pregnancy pillow? There are many benefits. Mainly that it should help you get a better nights sleep! Growing a baby is tiring and you will experience many aches and pains and a pregnancy pillow can help alleviate some of them.

A pregnancy pillow will help you get into a more comfortable sleeping position, especially as your bump grows bigger and can often help with back pain or pain you may experience in other parts of your body. Not just for sleep, but some pillows can be useful during the day; as a back rest to help make you feel more comfortable as you sleep. And if you decide to breastfeed, then a pillow can help you find a comfortable position to do so.

bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

My research led me to decide to purchase the bbhugme pillow. At £138 it is not the cheapest but long term I felt it was worth the cost as there appeared to be many benefits with this particular pillow.

  • Developed by three chiropractors from Norway
  • Full body pillow which provides support for the belly, lower back, pelvis, knees and ankles. This provides full 5 point support.
  • The firmness can be adjusted with the ‘pebbles’.
  • The pillow fabric is is allergy and eco friendly.

Our Thoughts on the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

The pillow arrives neatly packed and in a bag which can be used for storage when the pillow is not in use. As it is a body pillow, it is large and will take up a bit of space on the bed. It is 1.5m long so almost as tall as me! However as it’s designed to ‘hug’ I have found no issues with using it on a King size bed and hubby still has his space to sleep! You have a choice of colours for the pillow and I opted for the Eucalyptus. The cover needs to be put on which in all honesty can be a bit of a battle! I am yet to learn the trick of getting it on without feeling like I am wrestling with the pillow.

The cover is cotton-elastane and feels good quality. The pillow and cover also actually feel cool when you are using it. I was worried I would heat up by hugging it but so far have had no problems. I also absolutely love the pattern on the pillow itself! SO adorable!

What I really love about the pillow is that I can adjust the firmness. I can make it as hard or as soft as I like by adjusting the pebbles at the end of the pillow. The firmness was an issue with my previous pillow as towards the end of my pregnancy in particular I was struggling to get comfortable.

The microbeads in the pillow along with the pebbles on the end, help make is easy to shape for the best comfortable position for you. I was concerned that the microbeads may be noisy but they do not disturb us when we are sleeping.

The pillow can also be used during the day. It is perfect as a back rest and even as an arm rest if you are sitting in bed or even just relaxing on the sofa. And you can even tie up the ends, make a ring and lie on your front with your stomach through the hole if you are missing lie front down! At just 2kg it is not too bulky to move around and take it downstairs if you need it during the day.

Watch the video to find out more.

The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow can also be used as breastfeeding support. However it does appear a bit bulky for that so I will have to try it when the time comes and see how I feel. They do also sell a nursing pillow which I may invest in.

In general, the downside is the price. I did do a lot of debating about whether to purchase it, as extra covers aren’t cheap either. However I now do not regret it for one second. It has been developed by professionals, has won awards and is SO comfortable. Although it didn’t ease my back pain initially (I had severe pains up to about 14 weeks in the mornings) the pillow is now providing me with a lot of comfort for general aches and pains. It is also helping me to get a good nights sleep. During the mornings I was in severe pain it was the perfect back rest to allow me to sit up straight until the back pain eased.

I would definitely recommend getting one if your budget allows it.

You can find out more about the pillow from the bbhugme website. It is also available to purchase from Amazon (affiliate link).

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