Week 17 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 25th April – Day 114

Mainly a quiet day at home. Finally got the girls hair trimmed and also took some pictures of some Unicornitos we were sent to review. Blog post will be live next week.

Monday 26th April – Day 115

Bee wasn’t too happy when I got her hair cut….but we still didn’t cut it as much as I would have liked. It was really long and a headache for me to look after as she can’t look after it herself yet…and I don’t want to be dealing with long hair when the baby is here. I would have liked her to cut it right to her shoulders….I did it once before and it suited her…but she refused. So we just had it trimmed and layered. Brushed it and tied it up and it looked nice. She was worried about what her friends would say at school today even though it still is pretty long!

Tuesday 27th April – Day 116

Absolutely nothing planned today so got on with some blog work. Decided to write about a pregnancy pillow I have – the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow.

Wednesday 28th April – Day 117

After trying to decide whether to or not, I finally booked some time away for May half term. I had £160 credit in my AirBnB account and I just couldn’t see it go to waste. It had to be used by the end of December and I couldn’t see myself using it after the baby arrives. Decided to book South Wales….which is about 4.5hours. I had wanted to try Cornwall but thought 6 hours might be too much when I am 29 weeks pregnant. Slightly nervous about the virus situation but if it does all look too busy will just relax in the cottage as its in the countryside and a bit of peace and quiet will be welcome. The only picture I took today was of the ‘egg curry’ I made for a WIDN tag on instagram.

Thursday 29th April – Day 118

Finally had a dentist appointment for us all after nearly 2 years…we were due a check up just before the first lockdown but obviously that didn’t happen! Also went to Boots to pick up our order of a hair straightener. After the hair dresser straightened her hair, the eldest wanted one. I have got a cheap one for now as I have a feeling it won’t be used much.

Friday 30th April – Day 119

Had my 25 week appointment today. MW gave me a maternity form for hubby if he wants to take parental leave and checked baby’s heartbeat. First time I have heard the heartbeat and was a bit of a mission listening to it as baby was pretty active and not staying still. This MW was also 16 weeks pregnant so I asked her about the vaccine as thought I would rather get the opinion of someone who is pregnant rather than everyone pushing me to get it when they don’t have a baby possibly at risk. She said her consultant told her to get it after 20 weeks as that is when baby is fully formed but even she is in two minds…and that is a personal choice. She said that if I don’t take it then to just look after myself as much as I can and be careful.

I had ordered a travel system package for the baby which included a high chair and a by my side crib thing which wasn’t meant to arrive until the end of May. However it arrived today. I opened up everything to check it and then asked my nephew to take it all to my parents house as I have nowhere to store it. I also got my plant sorted as a tribute to Rosie. It is a Rosie Hebe plant with a stone remembering her.

Saturday 1st May – Day 120

Not a lot happening today – just Bee’s karate in the morning and then chilling in the afternoon. Had to fill up the car and spotted this Twix in the shop….had to give it a try. I quite like it.

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