Week 18 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 2nd May – Day 121

Bee had been sent some giant bubbles to review. So we headed over to the parents garden as its slightly bigger (and tidier) to try them out. They were fun! You can watch our reel to see how big the bubbles get.

Monday 3rd May – Day 122

Bank Holiday Monday and cold and rainy! Didn’t have anything planned. Bee did her first fast this year. She had done a couple last year and had been asking to keep some this year. Her dad decided to wake her up as we are half way through.. She did really well with minimal complaining…and then asked for curly fries and pizza to open her fast with.

Tuesday 4th May – Day 123

Hubby took today off work unexpectedly and took my car to get some bits doing to it that needed doing. He also wanted to get his car fixed as last Saturday a cyclist came and hit him in the back while he was stopped at a red light and broke his car lights and scratched the car. But the light takes 8-9 days to arrive so he couldn’t get it sorted. Some chocolates and chocolate datess arrived that I had ordered for hubby as he wanted to gift some to his friend.

Wednesday 5th May – Day 124

Not a lot planned today. Just got on with some blog stuff and general tidying up. Finally got the review about the Unicornitos live. Then had an online parents consultation for Bee after school. Her teacher is really happy with her progress…saying that she is working at the levels required and working at the year above for her reading and comprehension. Said she is really helpful around the class but can be a bit too chatty sometimes!

Thursday 6th May – Day 125

Hubby had his second dose of his vaccine today in the morning and decided to take the day off work incase he ended up with a reaction. He was fine with just a sore arm until the evening when it got really stiff and he got some chills. I made some chicken mince pasta especially for the eldest to open her fast with and popped to Currys to get a new cordless phone for the landline as ours has been playing up for a while. I also collected a Snake Plant I purchased off the local plant lady. Think I am getting a bit carried away with the plant buying!

Friday 7th May – Day 126

Spent the morning trying to figure out why my medication hadn’t arrived. I had ordered it at the start of the week and at the latest it should have arrived yesterday and I had now run out. Phoned the pharmacy who said they had received nothing so decided to phone the surgery. After holding on for 30 mins I was told that for some reason instead of being sent electronically it was a paper copy and I should ask the pharmacy to collect it for me (they are next door). I decided to go and get it as otherwise the pharmacy would not deliver until Monday. Got there and apparently there was a computer issue on the day I ordered and it didn’t get through and was logged as a paper copy….. and the receptionist then sent it through electronically to get it signed off. She said it should take 5-10 mins but I didn’t trust them and drove home. Chased it up in the afternoon instead and went back and collected it once the pharmacy confirmed they had received it. While out and about I collected some small boxes of sweets I had ordered to give to Bee’s class next week when it is Eid.

Saturday 8th May – Day 127

Not a lot planned for today….loads of rain. Took Bee to karate and then a day of relaxing. Ordered some henna stencils which arrived today. Did initially think to book an appointment to get our henna done for Eid but realised I am not yet comfortable getting so close to someone to get it applied. So this year will stick with stencils again and do it ourselves.

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