Week 19 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 9th May – Day 128

Didn’t have much planned today so decided to start putting up the Eid decorations as didn’t want to be doing it all the night before and tiring myself out. The decorations were gifted by Anafiya Gifts.

Monday 10th May – Day 129

Another quiet day. Had a wander round the garden and pleased to see a lot of colour. I can’t do much gardening this time as I end up with aches and pains..will have to get the girls to help with weeding again once Ramadan is over.

Tuesday 11th May – Day 130

I had ordered the Eid range from Chocolateeha which arrived today. She does some different flavours like Mango and Lime so had to give them a try. Bee also took the chocolates I had got last week for her classmates to school today and they were well received. She had a few left over which she gave to her teachers too.

Wednesday 12th May – Day 131

Saudi Arabia have declared Eid for Thursday. However our mosque generally follows Morocco’s moon sighting and usually they are one day after. So I was fully expecting Eid to be on Friday. I decided to do the girls Henna with the stencils I got last week and so glad I did as at 9.30pm our mosque made the announcement on FB that was Eid for us is tomorrow too. So a mad rush to get everyones clothes ironed, and Bee blinged up with her nail polish too. I also managed to complete the Quran today. I finished it in the morning as there was always the slight chance we would celebrate tomorrow.

Thursday 13th May – Day 132

Eid celebrations. Mainly just cooking and eating really. Weather wasn’t great so stayed at home. The eldest had asked for some books which I got her and Bee had asked for a Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing, which she spent pretty much all day playing. Also went and got a Scalextric set for her to play with….some of the reviews hadn’t been great but she loved playing with it. I don’t go crazy with gifts and generally stick to one or 2 things each. I don’t want Eid to end up to be just about loads of presents.

Friday 14th May – Day 133

Sadly even though celebrations continue for 3 days, the school only authorise 1 day off school which is a shame. So the girls went back to school, hubby went back to work and I was alone at home again. Some popcorn arrived which I had ordered through the Vodaphone app as only had to pay postage. The milk chocolate ones are so good. I also asked the nephew to get the moses basket out of my parents attic so I can check its quality. If it’s in a bad state I wanted to order one I had seen on offer…..but it was still in excellent condition….so will just wipe it down and wash the covers. Reluctant to buy new as the girls only spent a couple of months in it…neither of them really liked it. Ordered a new mattress for it and sheets…..slowly beginning to buy things now.

Saturday 15th May – Day 134

All of us feeling a bit ‘meh’. Bee said she wasn’t feeling great and she felt a bit warm….decided not to send her to karate…she clearly didn’t want to go and I didn’t fancy taking her either. So a day of cleaning, TV and games including her new Scalextric and not much else. I am continuing to research pregnancy and vaccine. I was sure I wasn’t going to have it but now with the new strain and talk of it spreading quickly I am nervous again and unsure what to do. Feel like I am constantly going round in circles with my decision.

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