Week 20 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 16th May – Day 135

Woke up feeling a bit tired and stressed out, think the weather hasn’t been helping. The rain held off in the morning so myself and Bee went out in the garden to have another go with the giant bubbles we we sent last week to review.

Monday 17th May – Day 136

Not much happening today. Got some blogging done and got a review up of a book I was sent: Learn About Allah.

Tuesday 18th May – Day 137

Hubby could tell I have been a bit stressed and grumpy recently so he treated me to a breakfast. I did say no as I was concerned it would spike my sugar levels too much but he was like you got to eat and one day won’t matter. He knows I have gotten sick of eating the same things over and over again. The breakfast did mess with my levels slightly but not as much as I was expecting so that was a relief. Then in the afternoon I had my diabetic eye test…they are testing me every 3 months due to the pregnancy. At the moment they aren’t putting the solution in my eyes as I am pregnant – they try first without it and see if they can get a good image. But I always have to ask hubby to take the day off work so he can take me just incase they do end up putting it in as then I can’t drive afterwards.

Wednesday 19th May – Day 138

Another day of not doing much. Beginning to feel tired a lot and really struggle with the mask now so don’t go out much (not that I did before either but if I can avoid something I will). Even on the school run I find it hard walking from the car park to the school with the mask on now. I had a word with the head last week who said the times will go back to normal in September. The whole point in sending Bee to the school which is part of the eldest’s school was that the eldest can pick her up and bring her to the car but the change in times messed that up. I explained that due to the time changes my eldest can’t always get to Bee’s section in the time allocated to pick her up as she now finishes at the same time as Bee. The head said to just let her know if I start finding it difficult and they will keep hold of Bee for a few minutes to let her sister collect her. I may take her up on that if I continue to find it difficult after half term.

Did head over to a friends for the first time in a long time and had lunch with a nice catch up.

Beginning to get a lot of colour in the garden and love the clematis growing on the fence.

Thursday 20th May – Day 139

I officially hit the third trimester tomorrow and today was the first of many growth scans booked in. Appointment was at 8.30am so went myself so hubby could drop the girls to school. Plus I don’t think he’s allowed in to these scans as they are extra ones (he went to the previous 2).

My placenta is still low lying but they aren’t concerned about that until 32 weeks as I have a scan then to check it properly. Baby is breech (I knew that as could feel the head high up) but again they aren’t concerned about that yet as still time for baby to move head down. Baby is also already a good size according to them at over 2lb. They will keep an eye on that as baby could end up big due to the diabetes even though I have my blood glucose levels pretty much under control. Then saw the diabetic consultant who didn’t say much but ordered my 28 week blood tests – spoke to her about the Covid injection again and she said they can’t give personal opinions, just the info. But then went on to say that if it was her sister asking she would say to get it. After her saw the diabetic team who also didn’t have much to say as my levels are pretty much under control still so just said to keep doing what I am doing. Then had to wait around a bit to have my blood tests.

Friday 21st May – Day 140

I finally did it and had my vaccine in the morning. I had booked it earlier in the week when I heard the Indian variant was making cases rise but I wasn’t sure if I would go ahead with it. I spent all week agonising whether to do it, joined loads of groups where pregnant women were having it and up until the morning I still wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it. However hearing how pregnant women in the third trimester can suffer badly if they catch it and already being vulnerable due to being diabetic and my ethnicity I decided to do it. I can’t hide away for the next few months to protect myself – yes I can stay indoors but my kids go to school and hubby goes to work. Plus on the school run some parents don’t give a damn and walk so close to you that it was making me nervous. I had to think about my family already here as well as the baby on the way and for them I took the decision to protect myself and the benefits seem to be that antibodies may be passed on to the baby. I know many may not agree with this decision.

In the afternoon I had a MW appointment and she checked baby’s heartbeat and all was well. Yesterdays blood tests show my iron is low (thought so as been feeling so tired recently) so she said she will email my doctor for a prescription for iron tablets and my blood sugar levels have gone down to the range of a non diabetic person so that is good as I have managed to control them well so far.

Saturday 22nd May – Day 141

Not a lot happening today. Thankfully not had much of a reaction to the vaccine…just a slight sore arm which started yesterday evening and pretty much gone by the evening today…. and I THINK it was playing havoc with my sugar levels yesterday afternoon. But back in control today.

Bee went to her karate classes in the morning and then ordered a takeaway for lunch as couldn’t be bothered to make anything….and then just chilled with the candles and a with a bit of TV for the rest of the afternoon. Noticed my salt lamp had stopped working. Assuming it is the bulb so ordered a new one.

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