Week 25 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 20th June – Day 170

Still in hospital. They monitored baby in the morning and the machine did not turn green in an hour. So they restarted it and 15 mins later it turned green. They unhooked me and waited for the doctor to do his rounds. He eventually turned up at 1pm and said I could go home. He had already said I could go yesterday but then they had changed their mind. By 3pm I was still stuck there but they let me go and said they would send out the discharge papers. Popped to parents on the way home as its Fathers Day, had ordered some cupcakes for him which hubby had collected. Was such a relief to get home and finally get a decent nights sleep.

Monday 21st June – Day 171

Took it easy today. Was still feeling exhausted after my hospital stay. Left a message with the antenatal clinic re my missed scan as need to get that booked in again. Managed to get an IG post live about some Palmers products I had been sent to review. Did the afternoon school run and just the short walk from the car to the school left me tired.

Tuesday 22nd June – Day 172

Another day of taking it easy. Noticed my Rosie Hebe has started to flower. Managed to get through to the antenatal clinic and they booked me in for Thursday after initially saying they couldn’t get me in till next week.

Wednesday 23rd June – Day 173

Ever since my hospital stay I just feel exhausted. A small bit of housework leaves me tired. Did the washing as the sun was out. Also had the sofa cleaner come to clean the sofa’s. He had been booked in last week on the day I had my bleed but he managed to fit us in this week. Was a nice day today and while sitting in the conservatory noticed the Bumble Bee’s busy at work.

Thursday 24th June – Day 174

Hubby took today off work and while he was home we went to check out a new Aldi that had opened just a couple of mins drive from us. A lot of people recommend the nappies and wipes from there so decided to get a pack and see how baby does with them once baby has arrived. Also got some lower carb snacks for the hospital bag. Then went with hubby to get some new clothes for the wedding he has to go to this weekend. I have been invited but I daren’t risk it as it is in London….especially since the scan today revealed my placenta is still low lying and covering my cervix. It is likely I will need a c-section and I could bleed again. Have an appointment with the consultant in a week so I guess she will decide on the plan then.

Friday 25th June – Day 175

Another day of relaxing and not doing much. I am bit nervous now that it has been confirmed my placenta is still low lying and am so scared I will bleed again. It was frightening when it happened last week. I caught up with blog comments and did an Instagram reel for an activity book I was sent some time ago: Hajj Activity Book. Also got a blog post live about what to pack in your hospital bag.

Saturday 26th June – Day 176

Not a lot happening today. Hubby dropped off Bee at karate on his way to work and I picked her up later. Then headed to mums as she had made us some rice…..wasn’t feeling great so came home and just rested up while the kids watched TV.

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