Week 26 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 27th June – Day 177

Had promised the girls I would take them out to breakfast when we heard our local cafe was opening up. Was nice to get out and spend some time with the girls. Then the rest of the day was spent at home just resting up.

Monday 28th June – Day 178

Not a lot happening today. Still taking it easy after hearing that I have placenta previa. Did an instagram reel with some other bloggers on hajj related books. Bee also has to isolate until Monday. I sent her off to school with her dad and then got an email from the school to say she has to isolate due to being in close contact with someone who’s tested positive. Made me a bit nervous as I have only had one dose so far

Tuesday 29th June – Day 179

Not a lot happening today as Bee is isolating and I am taking it easy. The school have started Maths and Literacy classes online for the kids isolating so she was busy with that in the morning and then I just let her chill in the afternoon. Don’t have any energy to do any educational activities.

Wednesday 30th June – Day 180

Hubby took today off work as he had his diabetic eye screening and also took me to my midwife appointment for a check up. They took some blood to recheck my iron levels. Everything else is OK. She said that at our next appointment will discuss the birth in more detail. I think we were meant to do it at this appointment but my MW was on holiday and she was a stand in. Hubby then cooked a chicken dish for us.

Thursday 1st July – Day 181

A scan and consultant appointment along with the diabetic team. They did not do a growth scan as planned as I had my growth scan last week and they leave it at least 2 weeks in between. But she checked the cord and again double checked the placenta with an internal ultrasound. It is still covering. Diabetic team were happy to leave my meds as they were for now and consultant said that due to the placenta previa I need a c-section. She booked it for the end of the month when I will be 38 weeks. She also said that due to the placenta previa and the fact that I had a bleed she would prefer if I was admitted into hospital and stay there until the date of the c-section. Further bleeds could be dangerous for both me and the baby. That means 4 weeks in hospital. The thought of that horrified me. The meals are horrible and not particularly diabetic friendly and you can’t sleep! It would also mean that hubby could not work for the first 2 weeks as he would have to stay at home to pick up the kids from school. (He is self employed but works in another city.) We can’t really afford that. When the consultant heard I only live around 10 mins away from the hospital she was happier to give me another 2 weeks at home on the basis that I will agree to be admitted at my next appointment if the placenta still hasn’t moved. She doesn’t think it will as it is covering the cervix too much but they will check one last time at 36 weeks. And that I have to go in as soon as there is any sign of bleeding..even a tiny spot. So I managed to come home. However I am anxious and taking it extremely easy.

Friday 2nd July – Day 182

Again not much happening. Bee is happy as she’s getting to watch TV in the afternoons without having to argue with her sister about what to watch.

Saturday 3rd July – Day 183

Not a huge amount happening today. Obviously no karate as Bee is still isolating. I sorted some of my clothes out as the pole in the wardrobe collapsed due to the weight….so got rid of quite a bit. Then the weather changed from potential thunderstorms to sun so asked the eldest to help cut the grass as it was getting too big. And she also cleaned the bath for me as I am trying not to bend or do too much incase it brings on a bleed. The thought of potentially having to leave them for 2-3 weeks is really making me down…but will have to be done for mine and the baby’s health.

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