Week 27 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 4th July – Day 184

Hubby got us some chocolate before he went to work. I am trying to avoid chocolate but he forgets and brings it back when he pops to the shops!

Monday 5th July – Day 185

Received a text to say I can book my next dose of vaccination. It will be 7 weeks on Friday since my first dose. Looked online and the earliest they could book me in was the 21st. I may be admitted into hospital on the 15th and not sure would be allowed out to go get it. I provisionally booked it until I could speak to the GP about maybe getting it sooner. Eldest made some fudge yesterday which she took to school today and decorated there as they were having a bit of a party. Some of it came home with her friends profiteroles which hadn’t really risen.

Tuesday 6rd July – Day 186

A quiet day. Felt fed up and lonely. There’s only so much chilling and bed rest I can deal with. Really missed Rosie today. If she had been around I know she would have curled up next to me and kept my company. Checked on her plant and it is flowering well. The garden is frustrating me as so many weeds but I just can’t deal with it in my condition and any gardeners I contact are busy.

Wednesday 7th July – Day 187

My diabetic review today at the doctors. I told them my bloods have been checked twice now by the hospital since my last check with them but they still wanted me to go in and get more blood taken out for their records. My right arm is already bruised after a blood test last week. But she did the bloods, checked my feet and also my weight and height. She checked my weight twice as she thought it was initially wrong because I have lost weight. I mentioned my vaccine issue and she said to give 119 a ring as they may be able to help. Came home and rang them and explained my situation. He emailed the GP who will be at a walk in clinic on Saturday and she agreed that I can have my second dose early if I go on Saturday. I then went online to cancel my appointment on the 21st and then double checked the appointments. There was now actually one for tomorrow available at my surgery. I quickly booked it. Didn’t really take any pictures today so you have one of my booking.

Thursday 8th July – Day 188

Hubby off work….he took me to the shops for a few things I still need. Got some formula for baby incase I can’t breastfeed (struggled with my other 2) and had heard that hospital don’t provide milk now. Then in the evening went for my vaccine. By bedtime my arm was a bit sore and I was extremely thirsty overnight. If I am honest I am still nervous about having had it while pregnant and just hoping I made the right decision. But I am now fully vaccinated.

Friday 9th July – Day 189

Arm still pretty sore after my vaccination so asked my nephew to drive me to pick up the girls from school, didn’t want to risk driving. Bee went into her new Year 4 classroom today. She came out happy as she likes her new teacher and can’t wait for September. Got the eldest’s predicted grades through after her mocks and all are grades A-C (5-9’s) so happy with that. Noticed my red roses are flourishing. Then the rain hit….it was really heavy rain and parts of the city flooded badly. My nephew had taken Bee to karate and was worried they might get stuck but after a few detours as some of the streets were flooded they made it back.

Saturday 10th July – Day 190

A quiet morning…Bee was at karate until 3pm as she had squad training. Then headed over to mums to get the car seat out of the box and make sure I knew how it worked and to air it out. If I get admitted next week I won’t get a chance and there will be nothing worse then trying to figure out how the straps work when coming home. Then left it at my mums house until we need it. Found some blingy bangles in the cupboard which hubby had got from Pakistan when he last went a few years ago. Bee likes things like that so gave them to her.

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