Week 28 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 11th July – Day 191

A nice day today. Got the girls to do a bit of gardening and start on the weeds but they didn’t really last long before complaining it was too hot and came in to have some ice cream. Have resigned myself to the fact that my garden will remain full of weeds this year. Struggling to find a gardener to come do it.

Monday 12th July – Day 192

Bee had been playing with her Scalextrix yesterday and asked for some more cars. Had agreed to order her the Wonder Woman one which arrived today. She now wants the other ones too!

Tuesday 13th July – Day 193

Starting to get quite uncomfortable now so basically not doing a lot. Had signed up to a free breastfeeding course. I really struggled when I attempted breastfeeding with Bee and gave up. Part of me thinks go straight to bottle feeding as it really depressed me but want to give it another go, so doing courses and researching it again.

Wednesday 14th July – Day 194

Not a lot planned today. Made sure I had everything I needed incase I get admitted in hospital tomorrow and then just took it easy. Went to collect the girls and they were out on the fields as it was Bee’s sports day. Such a shame parents weren’t allowed to attend considering football matches were packed and so was Wimbledon…but we couldn’t stand outside and watch our kids.

Thursday 15th July – Day 195

Scan and consultant appointment first thing. 2 weeks ago the consultant said I would have to stay in hospital until my c-section so I had prepared myself to stay. However she seemed to have changed her mind and was happy for me to come home and only get admitted if I started bleeding again or felt any pains that were unusual for me. She explained the c-section and any risks and also got me to complete the consent form. Also booked my pre-op appointment which is 2 days before the c-section. It is all becoming real! So glad though that I don’t have to stay in hospital for the next 2 weeks…it is more stressful there. After the appointment I went and got a few final things I needed for when I do go for the c-section and also got myself an Eid outfit for next week. I hadn’t bothered before as thought I would be in hospital. Also decided to get some cake for the girls.

Friday 16th July – Day 196

Got hubby to drive me to Next before he went to work as had to collect some parcels. Had got some dresses for Bee and some baby stuff in the VIP sale. Then just had a chilled day. Bee received her school report and she is doing really well, lots of positive comments from her teacher: Happy, friendly girl, who always works hard….helpful, pleasure teaching her, positive and enthusiastic attitude. Proud of both my girls.

Bee also had her first karate competition in the evening since the first lockdown. My nephew dropped the girls and I was going to go a bit later as I didn’t fancy sitting there for around 4 hours…but I was feeling tired and my leg hurt (started getting intense leg cramps) so in the end I didn’t go. Eldest sent me videos though and Bee did well….she came 2nd after winning 2 fights and losing 1.

Saturday 17th July – Day 197

Really hot day today. Bee decided she didn’t want to go to karate so let her have the morning off. Then pretty much hid indoors watching TV and sitting in front of the fan. Not liking the heat while pregnant. Nephew popped round and got us some takeaway in the evening. Feel a bit bad not taking the girls out anywhere but I am no longer comfortable driving and only drive to do the school run, also don’t want to go too far incase I have another bleed….and generally beginning to feel tired and can’t manage it.

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