Week 29 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 18th July – Day 198

A hot day and I was feeling guilty that I didn’t have the energy to do much with the kids. Extra screen time it was while I rested up. I think the majority of the summer holidays may end up like this until I settle into a routine with the baby once baby arrives. Just watched some TV with the kids..was relaxing as put our water fountain on too.

Monday 19th July – Day 199

Midwife appointment in the morning. The final one before my c-section next week. Just went through the things I need to think about….Vitamin K injection, if I plan to breastfeed, if I want skin to skin straight away etc. I now won’t see the community MW’s until I come home and they visit. I mentioned I wasn’t sure if I had a show (I felt I did last night) and she said to keep an eye on it and if I notice more to contact the helpline….as I can’t have a natural labour due to placenta previa so would need to go in immediately if any signs of labour.

In the evening we got our henna done ready for Eid on Wednesday. Luckily I had found someone to come to the house as didn’t fancy going out and being amongst loads of people now that masks are no longer required.

Tuesday 20th July – Day 200

Another hot day and I didn’t do much….pretty much just sat in front of the fan. Bee took presents to school for the teachers today as she won’t be in school tomorrow due to Eid. Once she came home we put a few balloons up for Eid. The lights were still up from last Eid. Didn’t have the energy to do much more than that.

Wednesday 21st July – Day 201

Eid today. Headed over to the parents house but couldn’t help much with the cooking this time. Struggle to stand for too long and should be taking it easy anyway. They wouldn’t let me do much even if I had tried! It was a nice chilled day. Food, played on the nephews playstation and then went out for dessert. Did consider going out somewhere for a walk or something but it was just too hot! Also got a guest post published about supplements in pregnancy.

Thursday 22nd July – Day 202

First official day of the school holidays. Agreed to do some baking with Bee….regretted it as it was so hot. The cookies turned out pretty good. Then spent the rest of the day in front of the fan!

Friday 23rd July – Day 203

Thankfully a much cooler day. I had ordered some more sleepsuits for baby after my last scan showed that the baby wasn’t as big as they initially thought so got a few more first size ones to be safe. My nephew went and collected them for me. Also sorted out my hospital bags again and added more baby clothes as with the c-section I am likely to be in the hospital longer than I would like. Also opened the mattress for the moses basket, aired that out….and charged up an owl toy I had got and made sure I knew how to use it. I know I have a week to go but best be prepared!

Saturday 24th July – Day 204

A quiet day, Bee went to karate. Nephew picked her up for me and also gave me some clothes for baby. He had got some that were tiny baby size so suggested he return those and get one size up…at my last scan baby was already showing as close to 6lb and the clothes were up to 6lb. I had also ordered a breast feeding pillow which arrived today…and I asked my nephew to bring over a next to me crib I had stored at my parents house. Will put that up in the next few days and air out the mattress too. Think I am pretty much ready now for the c-section next week.

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