Week 30 and 31 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 25th July – Day 205

Another day of not doing much…..Tv and snacks and not much else to be honest. Tried out these new crisps. They are so good!

Monday 26th July – Day 206

Nephews birthday. I had wanted to go to a restaurant but hubby has been working late in preparation for taking time off when the baby arrives…so decided to just head to my parents house with cake and we ordered in takeaway from a new restaurant that just opened a week a go.

Tuesday 27th July – Day 207

Wanted to take the girls out to lunch to one of our favourite places but to be honest I am beginning to struggle to walk a bit…baby was 3/5 engaged at the last appointment…and the parking is far from the restaurant. So decided to head to our favourite local cafe instead where parking is right outside. It was nice to get out….I needed it.

Wednesday 28th July – Day 208

Pre-op at the hospital today. They took my bloods, did a Covid test, and a MRSA swab. Also went and collected some omeprazole which I need to take before the c-section. Can’t eat from 10pm the night before and have to be at the hospital at 7.15am on the day. Feeling really uncomfortable today so kind of glad that theres not long to go…although the thought of a c-section is scaring me. Headed to Home Bargains on the way home to get a few bits needed ….. didn’t browse as hardly anyone was wearing masks so just wanted to get home as soon as I could. Then just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Thursday 29th July – Day 209

Final day at home before my c-section. Got the eldest to help me hoover my room and generally tidy it up. Made sure I had everything I think I needed in my hospital bag. And finally put together the next to me crib which I had got as part of the pushchair bundle. The bedroom is a bit cramped now but will have to do! Did all the laundry incase I end up in hospital longer than a couple of days and then just relaxed with the girls. I can’t believe that tomorrow, all being well, we will be a family of 5.

Friday 30th July – Day 210

In at hospital at 7.15 for my c-section. There was one other lady there and I was first on the list. They took me in just before 9am. Hubby hadn’t been sure about going in with me as he doesn’t deal with things like this well…but he came in and lasted all of 5 mins before he had to leave. This was before they had even started! MW said it was better as he had gone pale and if he fainted they couldn’t have dealt with him!! I was frightened to be honest and got emotional but my MW and others took care of me. There was a slight delay as they were waiting for some blood….as my placenta was low lying and posterior the risk of excessive bleeding was high. Once they started then baby arrived at 9.16am….it took longer to stitch me up. I didn’t get any pictures in theatre as hubby had taken the phones with him!

I lost over a litre of blood, some of which they had collected but decided I didn’t need a transfusion. Once baby was checked over and I was stitched up we went back to recovery where hubby got to meet his daughter. After lunch I felt a bit faint and then after dinner I felt faint again and then did actually faint. Thankfully I had already pressed the button. Apparently the MW came in, took one look at my colour and hit the emergency button. I came round to loads of people around me discussing what had happened. They decided to do a blood test to check my iron levels. In the evening they came back pretty low and it was decided I needed a blood transfusion after all. They didn’t take out my catheter due to feeling so tired and faint so I was stuck in bed. Hubby had gone home to eat and rest and said he would come back later during the night if I needed him but unfortunately it turns out the man in the bay next to us had tested positive for Covid and now hubby had to isolate and would not be able to come back. That was not something I wanted to hear!

Saturday 31st July – Day 211

Tired and started getting annoyed at how long it was taking to give me a blood transfusion. I wanted it done so I could then get the catheter out and see if I could go home where I would have my family’s help rather than be alone. It was finally done and they took out my catheter and I could get up for the first time. It was painful! Baby was also given her BCG injection. I then was moved to the ward around 3pm and found out that hubby could come to the isolation ward. Partners were not meant to be allowed but someone had said to another couple that the partner could stay so they then couldn’t say to others that their partners couldn’t. I was glad of it to be honest as I was in agony and could barely walk and needed support to get to the toilet. I later found that although the care in the delivery suite and recovery room was amazing, the ward not so much. They were rushed off their feet. Hubby had to leave at 8pm but came back the following morning at 8am.

Sunday 1st August – Day 212

Another morning at hospital with no idea if I was going to be discharged. Was slightly more mobile and could get up to change the baby’s nappy slowly. The lady came to give the baby her hearing test and also to give me the red book. I only realised I was going to be discharged when the lunch lady didn’t take an evening order for warm food as she said she had been told I was going to be discharged. So got hubby to pack up any bits I didn’t need and bring the car seat for baby. I was finally discharged with my meds..Have to say I don’t think the care in the ward was great…they gave me injections without even telling me how I had to administer them until I asked.

Was so nice to get home and be in my own bed…although the hospital beds made it easier to get in and out! Bee was so happy to finally meet her sister….she also had a competition at karate today and came first!

Monday 2nd August – Day 213

First full day at home. MW came to check on baby and me and suspected baby may have jaundice…so made an appointment for us at hospital to get it checked. Must admit I was a bit annoyed as surely they should have checked it before I was discharged…but like I said the care wasn’t great in the ward. I was still finding it hard to be mobile so didn’t appreciate having to go back to the hospital again. Check came back fine but got told to keep an eye on it and was given a leaflet about jaundice.

Tuesday 3rd August – Day 214

Received an email from Bee’s karate that she has been selected to be on their fight team and selected to represent her club in the European Championships. These will be held in Barnsley and she has to register by 9am on the day. As it is a 2 hour drive and I can’t drive for the next few weeks, her dad agreed to take her along with her cousin. Hopefully she won’t find it too tough.

Wednesday 4th August – Day 215

MW check again today but the MW didn’t turn up, just the assistant who came to weigh baby and do the heel prick test. She proper made baby cry and pricked her twice as the blood wasn’t flowing. She didn’t even check my stitches. Felt well enough to have a wander around the garden. Bee noticed one of her sunflowers is now taller than her and we might have a sunflower soon.

Thursday 5th August – Day 216

Feeling really sorry for Bee that we aren’t having our usual adventures in the summer holidays. Her sister won’t play with her and there is a lot of screen time involved at the moment. Spent some time with her in the garden making bubbles. And then she went to karate in the evening. She has a new fight club class which will be intense to prepare them for the competition.

Friday 6th August – Day 217


Feeling quite tired today so spent most of it in bed. Baby doesn’t like to be put in her crib at night which makes it difficult to get any kind of sleep. Lots of being held and cuddles. Hubby has been doing all the cooking and cleaning to allow me to rest up and recover..I would have been lost without him.

Saturday 7th August – Day 218

My niece came to visit my parents (her grandparents) bringing her daughter with her who we haven’t met and is now 8 months. I managed to mobilise enough to head over there for half an hour to meet her. She was adorable and so friendly. Just being out for half an hour was draining. Came home and just relaxed again. Couldn’t resist taking a pic of little ones cute toes.

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