Week 32 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 8th August – Day 219

Been feeling sorry for Bee that we haven’t been able to go out much so ordered some crafty bits for her and her dad went and collected them today. She was happy and they kept her entertained for a few hours and off the screens.

Monday 9th August – Day 220

Life at the moment is pretty much eat and sleep and look after baby…so been debating whether to continue with this project as not much is happening and won’t be happening for a while. Will see how it goes. Baby was fascinated by the cucumber plant when I put her down on her mat. A friend also quickly stopped by to give baby some gifts. Also had my final MW appointment before being discharged to the health visitors. MW also confirmed that I have to continue taking the blood thinning injections for 6 weeks in my stomach. I hate those injections.

Tuesday 10th August – Day 221

Currently on a mission to try different nappies and save some money. However I have noticed that the 79p ones from Aldi and Asda tend to leave marks on baby’s legs no matter how loose I do the nappy….so think we will have to go back to the slightly expensive ones. So far am liking the Lidl premium ones but yet to try their cheaper ones.

Wednesday 11th August – Day 222

Some time ago a new company had sent me some products to celebrate the birth of baby. However I hadn’t shared them as it made clear it was a girl that was arriving and I hadn’t revealed that on social media. So today while the little one was asleep I managed to get a quick instagram reel done sharing the products. Also got baby’s hair shaved today. It is our custom to shave a baby’s hair on day 7 ( we left it a bit late) and then to donate money to charity based on the weight of the hair. She had such lovely hair and I didn’t really like doing it but I know it will grow back quickly and stronger.

Thursday 12th August – Day 223

I have been hoping too many people don’t come to visit as I am wary of the virus still plus I am still recovering and not in the mood to entertain. However hubby’s friend from London wanted to visit. Mum made the rice and hubby made everything else so I didn’t have to cook so I still managed to rest. They also didn’t end up staying too long. Also another local friend popped in for 10 mins while passing and to give baby some clothes as gifts.

Friday 13th August – Day 224

Hubby decided to return to work today as I am not taking the painkillers as regularly and weekends are busy. He works with Uber at the moment and although it seems they do give paternity pay they won’t give it until we provide a birth certificate…and the earliest appointment we could get for a birth certificate was the end of September. So we can’t really afford him not working while also not knowing how much Uber will actually pay. I spent most of the day trying to nap when baby did. Some relatives in the evening decided to pop round to mums as they were passing on the way back to London. I sent the girls round but told my mum to offer my apologies…come the evening I am always exhausted and often also end up feeling randomly cold. I really did not have the energy to go round. They decided to let me rest and not come round to mine but left some money for the baby and chocolates for the rest of us. They had thought the baby was over a month old and were understanding that I was still recovering.

Saturday 14th August – Day 225

She certainly is my little boss. Not much happening today. I had spent most of yesterday in my room so tried to spend today with the girls. We watching Peter Rabbit 2 as paid for it on Prime. Mum sent over some rice and nephew brought over pizza in the evening. However I had a bit of a breakdown in the evening…hubby worked late until midnight so I didn’t get much of a rest from baby..and I think she has started getting colic. I was just mentally and physically exhausted.

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