Week 33 of 2021 – Project

Sunday 15th August – Day 226

Baby is starting to get a bit more alert and has moments where she is wide awake. Had ordered a play mat for her and put her on it. She doesn’t seem overly interested yet but lasts on it a for a few minutes! I was extremely emotional last night as hubby came home from work late and I had been struggling with her. He offered to take today off work but told him to go…he can’t keep staying at home. I ordered Bee’s school uniform online as don’t have the energy to take her to the shops just yet.

Monday 16th August – Day 227

Hubby decided to take today off work. Think the broken sleep is getting to him…plus I have been finding it hard too. He took Bee to get her school shoes and trainers. They ended up getting the trainers from Clarks too. They didn’t do too bad!

Tuesday 17th August – Day 228

While baby was asleep I managed to spend some time with Bee trying out the Gemex Deluxe Creation Station she had been sent to review. She loved making the gems!

Wednesday 18th August – Day 229

A friend popped round in the morning with some gifts. A handmade cardigan and hat and a plant for me. It was nice to have a catch up and a chat. Tried to nap in the afternoon as been having a rough couple of nights with the baby due to the start of colic. Have started to give her infacol to see if it helps.

Thursday 19th August – Day 230

Health visitor due to visit today between 9-12. Had a rough night again with baby so we weren’t ready at 9 and she arrived at 9.10am. I hadn’t even washed my face or done my hair but she said not to worry! She weighed baby and she has put on some weight. Discussed colic and she said to carry on with the infacol and if it doesn’t help to try the comfort milk and gripe water when baby is a month old.

Hubby’s day off today and he decided to cut the grass and do some jobs that needed doing round the house. I asked him to get me a big pot and some compost for the new plant and he came home with some lilies that were half price!

Friday 20th August – Day 231

3 weeks old today. Used the blanket my friend had sent to start recording it all. Wonder if I will manage to keep up with it! Then didn’t do much else except chill, nap and watch TV.

Saturday 21st August – Day 232

An early start today as Bee had to attend a WKO Open European Championship. I couldn’t deal with a 2 hour journey 3 weeks after a c-section so her dad and cousin took her. There was only one other girl in her category and she was placed in the 9-11 year old category due to her weight I am guessing. The other girl was a black belt and much taller than her and she failed to score against her, it was a tough fight. However she did get a silver medal.

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