My C-section birth story – baby number 3

I didn’t really do regular updates with my third pregnancy after the initial first trimester update. However I had to share the birth story. Alhamdulillah after a fairly stressful pregnancy with bleeds due to placenta previa, baby number 3 finally arrived at the end of July via elective c-section. This birth story is so much more different than with Bee!

I have had low lying placenta’s with all my pregnancies and with the other girls it had moved out the way. However this time it refused to budge and was covering my cervix. So there was no other option but to have a Caesarean which was booked for 38 weeks. I had around a month of mentally preparing myself for major surgery. I’m not scared to admit that I was frightened at the thought of being cut open and having baby pulled out, but at the same time it was good to have a date.

Pre Op Appointment

2 days before the date, I had to attend the hospital for a pre – op. This was basically to run through the procedure, take my bloods, do a Covid test and MRSA swab and to give me some omeperozole tablets which I had to take the night before at 10pm, then stop eating and drinking and take another tablet at 6am on the morning of the op. This was to help reduce acid. As baby was being born at 38 weeks I normally would have had to have steroid injections too to strengthen her lungs but as I had a bleed a month ago I had already been given steroids due to the possibility of having a section then.

Date of the section

On the day of the section we had been told to get to the hospital for 7.15am. I was first on the list and they started the operations at 9am. They did checks, got me to change to the hospital gown, put on compressions stockings and the anaesthetist and surgeon came and introduced themselves. Hubby was also given clothes to put on as he was coming into theatre with me. We went to the theatre and hubby did not last long…he had been nervous about being in the room anyway, but then it was hot, and I was getting anxious and it all got to him. Someone got him some water and he ended up going back to the recovery room. The MW said it was probably for the best as if he fainted they couldn’t really look after him there! So I was left alone and frightened. However the MW was lovely and reassured me and the anaesthetist constantly checked on me and also reassured me. There was a slight delay as the blood hadn’t arrived. The surgeon did not want to start the operation without the blood being in the room as apparently I was higher risk of bleeding due to the low lying posterior placenta. Once the blood arrived they started immediately and baby arrived crying to a lot of ‘Happy Birthday’s’ from the staff at 9.16am. The MW brought her to my face to allow me to see her and give her a kiss before taking her and checking her all over. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of her just after she was born as hubby had taken the phones with him!

It appears I had lost over a litre of blood but they felt that I did not need a transfusion. So once I was stitched up and baby’s checks were ok, she was placed on me for skin to skin contact and we were taken back to the recovery room just before 10am.

Recovery Room

Hubby finally got to meet his daughter. Apparently the MW’s had been concerned about him and had been checking in on him to make sure he was OK! Baby had to have her blood sugars checked twice too so after each feed they came to check them but alhamdulillah her levels were stable. After lunch I felt dizzy and the MW put my bed back and I soon felt better. Although after dinner I felt dizzy again and this time I actually fainted. However I had already called the button for the MW. Apparently she came in, saw I had gone a funny colour and hit the emergency button. I came round to lots of people surrounding me trying to figure out what had happened. They decided that it might be due to the blood loss and that my hemoglobin levels may be low. So they did a blood test. It came back later that night to show it had gone extremely low and it was felt that I did need a blood transfusion after all.

The pain from the C-section was managed by taking pain killers regularly but even then it was hard. I had the blood transfusion in the afternoon the following day and then they finally took out my catheter and moved me to the ward. I won’t lie, I was in agony when walking and had to have help to walk to the toilet the first few times. I have to say it is ridiculous partners can’t stay overnight when you have had a section…those two nights for me were so hard as I was in so much pain. The MW’s are so busy that it can take them time to come to you when you call them and I was so desperate to come home where I would have more help.

Thankfully I was discharged the next day with iron tablets as my levels were still low, and 6 weeks worth of blood thinning injections.

Our life as a family of 5 began alhamdulillah.

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