How to pick Childrens Presents with Wicked Uncle

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Sometimes it can be a struggle to find brilliant children’s gifts! Although you may know what to get your own children, it can be harder to buy for other children when invited to birthday parties and Eid parties, or even other family’s children who you may not regularly see. However there are a number of things to think about when choosing a gift.

How to Pick Childrens Presents

Picking presents for children other than your own can be a bit daunting as there is such a wide choice and you don’t want to get it wrong! But there are a number of things you can think about before purchasing.

Check with the parents

There is nothing wrong with having a quick word with the parents to ask if there is anything specific the child is interested in, for example crafts. Once you have a rough idea it can make it easier to pick a gift the child will like.

Read reviews and ask for opinions

No matter how good a toy looks it is worth seeing if there are any reviews about the gift you are thinking to purchase to see if other children and parents have liked it.

Educational Toys

You may want to have a look for toys that are specifically marketed as educational. There are toys that encourage problem solving and exploration and you may feel like these would be more beneficial for the child to have.

Lifespan of toys

There are some toys where you use them a few times and then there is not much more you can do with them.


Imaginative play is so important to help a child learn skills and so when picking a toy you may want to pick one that encourages children to use their imagination.


Always bear in mind the child’s age and purchase age appropriate gifts. And this is where Wicked Uncle can help you pick a gift. Their site is easy to navigate and products are helpfully categorised into ages. 305

I am always on the look out for unique and innovative gifts for the girls and their friends. Bee’s birthday is next month so I am already scratching my head as to what to get her. But that is where Wicked Uncle can help. With gifts from newborn to adults, there is sure to be a gift to catch you eye! As she is going to be 9 it is easy to find toys for her age on the site. And we are spoilt for choice.

Our top picks:

Aquarellum Flowers – Magic Painting Kit £19.95

Perfect for a child that loves colouring and painting this is sure to keep them entertained for a few hours.

Grow It Bonsai Trees £13.95

Great for nature lovers too and a sense of achievement when grown and cared for.

Make Your Own Flamingo £10.95

Ideal for a child that loves to craft and sew.

Atlantis Escape – 60 logic challenges £16.95

Perfect to challenge your child to use their logic and solve the puzzles.

What is great is that Wicked Uncle can also wrap the gift for you and write a card so the gift can be sent direct from their site to the recipient. So if you are stuck for ideas for gifts and especially brilliant children’s gifts then make sure you check out their site for more innovative gift ideas!

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