Week 34 of 2021 – Project

Sunday 22nd August – Day 233

Encouraging Bee to do a bit more exercise seeing as we aren’t going out much at the moment. We couldn’t find her skipping rope, nor the Ring Fit so she went for a walk on the treadmill.

Monday 23rd August – Day 234

Not much happening today again. Tired and just taking it easy. Noticed lots of butterflies in the garden on the buddleia so had to take some pictures. Managed to get a blog post live about my C-section birth story.

Tuesday 24th August – Day 235

A friend popped round to see baby. She gifted baby some clothes and the girls some chocolate… and then some flowers arrived that were from her and two other friends. They were beautiful flowers. Was nice to have a chat and a catch up.

Wednesday 25th August – Day 236

Hubby took today off work and took Bee out for the day after I suggested he do something with her as its unfair she hasn’t been anywhere all holidays. He took her to Wicksteed Park and then they drove to Luton to eat out. I had suggested the eldest go with them too but she preferred to stay home. Hubby had suggested I go and just sit somewhere if it got too much but I didn’t want to risk it considering I am healing well so far.

Thursday 26th August – Day 237

Hubby had another day off as both he and Bee had eye tests. Bee’s left eye has got worse and she now has to wear glasses all the time and will be rechecked in 6 months. Hubby then took the eldest to collect her new PE uniform from school and then they went to get new trainers. He later went food shopping and came home with new clothes for baby.

Friday 27th August – Day 238

A quiet day. The nephew brought round the pushchair and isofix base for the car seat which I had stored at the parents. He fitted the base for me ready for when I can drive and we put the pushchair together and put it in the car boot. A personalised elephant arrived that I had ordered for the baby. It is so cute!

Saturday 28th August – Day 239

Not a lot happening again. Hubby dropped Bee off at karate on his way to work and then my nephew collected her bring pizza too. I tried to start reading a book I was gifted earlier in the week but didn’t get very far with it. I think my book reading days are on hold for a while.

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