Week 42 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 17th October – Day 289

Bee had a competition at her karate school today. I initially considered taking baby but the competition has gotten bigger and felt it would be too busy for us. So I dropped her off with her sister. She came third in her category.

Monday 18th October – Day 290

Hubby was feeling a bit tired so he didn’t go to work. He popped to the shops and spotted some chocolate baklava and got me some. It was sweet but quite nice.

Tuesday 19th October – Day 291

Bee went on her first school trip with this school. They didn’t go anywhere last year due to restrictions. She went to Cadbury’s World in Birmingham. She was allowed to take £2 spending money but then was annoyed when she noticed that other kids had taken £5. Why can’t people stick to the rules? She managed to get 2 chocolate bars though and had a good time. The tummy time llama I got for baby arrived….she hates tummy time so thought would try this.

Wednesday 20th October – Day 292

Hubby went back to work yesterday but felt rough so took today off work again. So just a day of peace and quiet. I tried to get some blog posts done but baby had other ideas. She cried a lot today and wouldn’t settle much.

Thursday 21st October – Day 293

A tough day with baby today..so much so that I was in tears by the end of the day actually wishing I had died when they did the c-section. Just so exhausted with it all….Hubby tries to help but she just won’t settle for him at all. I was glad when she finally went to bed for the night.

Friday 22nd October – Day 294

Hubby still off work as he said his shoulders hurt. He has an ongoing problem with his shoulders. Although he was feeling better in general, I started feeling rough. He treated me to a burger. Baby was finally settled a bit more today and was a bit more playful. I managed to get a review and giveaway live for a Science Mad! Telescope.

Saturday 23rd October – Day 295

Hubby is better but everyone else is sick….baby has a slight temperature too. Great start to half term.

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